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Layover In Mexico City – video

A dream of mine has been to learn Spanish. I’ve tried to learn a few different ways without much success. They say immersion is the best way, and I have always wanted to travel to another country, so I bought a flight for a 35 day stay in a Oaxaca, Mexico.

I made this video, using just my iphone and ipad to share the experience

The green dot on the map is my plane in real time leaving Cincinnati

A 9 hour layover in Mexico City seemed like the perfect opportunity to explore. What could possibly go wrong? It’s not only the biggest city in North and South America? Plus my first time alone in a foreign country.

They have a great subway system that can take you pretty much anywhere…that is, if you can speak the language and know what you are doing.

20140112-061852.jpgI usually learn the hard way…I got lost, and had some pretty serious culture shock. It was startling to realize that I am a now a minority, and my understanding of the language is very limited.


I eventually found my way and learned a LOT during those 9 hours.

Me (just a little) disappointed because the national palace is closed. I’ll just come back when I can stay longer!


Blind street musicians

They (and the seeing eye dog) will be the subject of my first painting. Please stay tuned… I have a lot more to share. I can’t wait to tell you about Oaxaca!