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Printmaking Meet Up At The Bluegrass Art Center

My neighbor at the Pendleton Art Center, Gabrielle Lundy, makes cool folk art using found objects.

One day, we were talking about printmaking, and I told her that I thought her work would make great collagraphs.

I invited her to visit anytime, and I would show her how it works.

Once we set the date, I thought it would be fun to invite any artist to join us, so I made an ‘event’ on facebook.  Here is what it said:

ARTISTS! I am inviting a few artist friends to meet up for some printmaking fun. We are going to put a pot of soup on the wood stove, and I have 2 presses. We can spend the afternoon sharing a meal, getting to know each other and making stuff.

You don’t need a printmaking background, I have plenty of printmaking stuff I am happy to share (paper, knives, ink, linoleum, plates etc) You can prepare something and bring it or make it there…this is a casual, printmaking meet up, nothing formal, no cost to participate, just making art with a press.

Space and materials are limited, we will meet at the Bluegrass Art Center, which is a rustic and beautiful location…but if there is too big a response, we might have to find a bigger space…so only say you are coming if you REALLY can make it.

Photo by Becky Ebert

I didn’t know what to expect, but we had a amazing group of artists visit.
Everybody brought some food, and we shared a delicious ‘pot luck’.

photo by Pamela Lee Yeager

Many of the artists had never worked in printmaking, so it was a very new experience for them.

Some good friends I have known for years came along with some other artists I have only met on facebook.

My neighbors on the 4th floor at the Pendleton Art Center:  Gabrielle Lundy and Pamela Hackim

Betsy Baltzer

Cheryl Beardslee

Cole and Victor Imperi

Penny Gates and Pamela Yaeger

Becky Ebert

Sue Gorman

It was a great time!  A big THANK YOU to Mike Cowden and the Bluegrass Art Center in Old Washington, KY for letting us use his beautiful space.
I hope to do something similar again soon…maybe a paint party next time?!

PS. if this is the kind of thing you might have enjoyed, and you use facebook,  you can add me as a friend, or subscribe to my posts here:




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Old Washington, KY

I love old houses. The United States is a relatively young country, so there aren’t many old buildings to start with.

Old houses are not always easy to live in, and many old houses have been destroyed to make room for more modern, convenient buildings.

I am very lucky to live in a house from the 1790s. It is one of the oldest standing homes in Kentucky, and one of Kentucky’s first settlements, Old Washington.

Old Washington is a unique community

because the little village has a large concentration of 1790’s and early 1800’s building still standing.
Over the years, generations of historians have worked hard to preserve the buildings and integrity of the neighborhood.

There is a constant battle with people who want to modernize.

I love progress, but I also love history, and I hate to see one replace the other.

iPhonePhotos 551

Photographs are a great way to see how things used to be,

but nothing compares to walking down a street,

and seeing these incredible buildings


These photos only scratch the surface of all the beautiful historical things you will see in old Washington, Click here to see a photo album from a recent walk in the snow



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how I learned to photograph food

Maysville, KY is famous for being the birthplace of KY bourbon.  You can read about it here.  My neighbor, Claudia Moose is a gourmet cook, and she had the idea to create a cookbook featuring bourbon based recipes.  Even though I have no experience photographing food.

She would make incredible meals, and invite me to enjoy (and photograph) the food.  I quickly learned there is an art to photographing food, and over time, I got pretty good at it (for someone who is a painter, not a photographer)

You can see a whole album of photos from the book here:

and you can get a cookbook here:
or buy them at local stores in our area.

We both did this for fun, and are not making any money from this project.  100% of the proceeds from the cookbook are going to be used to sponsor art activities for children in our community.
So you can enjoy a the cookbook, and feel good knowing you are helping support our future artists.

Thanks Claudia, for encouraging me to try an art (food photography) that was outside my comfort zone…i learned a lot and had a delicious time!

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Animated Self Portrait

I KNOW i should be spending my time making stuff that pays my bills, but this idea captured my imagination, and I couldn’t stop until it was done.  What do I do with this?  It serves no purpose other than artistic self expression.  Enjoy!

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New Signature for block prints

For the new year, I thought I might try a new signature for my prints.  I have noticed a trend where printers make an ‘Asian’ looking signature for their work.  I haven’t really been influenced by the Asian tradition, but I like the look.  IMG_9487
The little bit of red adds a little excitement to a black and white print.  I figure an American artist can use bits and pieces from all cultures, since our culture is a ‘melting pot’ of cultures.

I carved this little block with my initials.IMG_9489

I’m not sure if this adds or distracts from my work.  What do you all think?