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New Gallery on the website

I just made a major change to the art gallery on my website. I’m only showing 14 pieces of art at a time, and I will change the art every two weeks (or so). I do so many different types of work (and so much) i can tell i was overwhelming people…a ‘can’t see the forest through the trees’ kind of thing. I hope you all enjoy, an visit often!


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one thing i like about the city…lots of creative people in one place!

I was honored to have been invited to participate in the greater Cincinnati Artists as Activists art show featuring 50 local artists who use their art for a change.


The show was curated by Saad Ghosn, a visionary who always encourages Cincinnati artists to use their talent as a tool for social change.IMG_9732
Beside each artwork was a portrait of the artist by the photographer Michael Wilson. I didn’t take a lot of pictures at the reception, i can’t take photos of art without the artist’s permission…PLUS, you need to see the show in person anyway. ┬ábut I did get a snapshot of one of my favorite artists (and neighbor at the Pendleton Art Center) Halena Cline (pictured above).

and my good friend+artist, Lauri Aultman.

After the show, Lauri and I went to see an art project by ArtWorks that was part of the Midpoint Music Festival. It is a Box Truck Carnival, where moving trucks are converted into different arts spaces.
“Take Another Piece Of My Art” – by the Kennedy Arts Center encouraged people to make a small art piece and pin it on the wall. In return, you get to take someone else’s art piece.
Can you tell which one was mine?
Another interesting exhibit was the “Short Order Poetry” by Chase Public
Participants ‘place an order’ for their poem. I asked for a poem that included a kitten, bunny rabbits, garden, corn and a raccoon. I was given a ticket, and after a little bit of time, a poet wrote my poem, and typed it out on a analog typewriter.

I wanted to see the art circus, because I have a 4-year-plan to create a similar traveling art experience. I was inspired by how each truck had a different type of art: visual, literature, music, dance, performing, printmaking, etc.

So if you want to see any of these things over the weekend;

Artists As Activists is on display at Northern Kentucky University until October 25
The Box Truck Carnival is Friday and Saturday in Over-The-Rhine between vine and walnut street.

ALSO, my studio at the Pendleton Art Center will be open Friday 6-10 and Saturday 11-3. Come see me and 150+ other artists under one roof!

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Printmaking at my house

for those who missed my open house, here are a few pictures

every time Old Washington has an event, I open my house to the public and offer a free art activity

this week, it was printmaking

we had a great crowd, and it was a dream come true: my home was filled with artist/printmakers

Thanks everyone who came out!
I had a great time!

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iPad Sketches – Lebanon, Ohio

I was delivering some artwork in Lebanon, Ohio, and I had some free time to do some sketching.

Black Barn

My first stop was the ‘Black Barn’ a produce stand with a field of corn and a pumpkin patch…I sketched the barn while eating 2 sweet and crispy apples.

I walked around the town, and was inspired by the old homes in the area. This part of the country is much more flat than I am used to, instead of hills and mountains, it is the trees that break up the sky.

This house had a great garden…it’s hard to sketch a garden in black and white, so I worked in color

I love it when i get a chance to wander around a new place



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Forman Chapel Road + Johnson Creek Road

I was sketching on the backroads along Forman Chapel Road and the Johnson Creek Covered bridge.

Untitled_Panorama1_1 (1)

I love sketching on the ipad, but if you are outdoors, it has a glare, making it practically unusable. I started using an umbrella, and the shade makes a world of difference!

Here are my sketches for the day. Note: there weren’t really sheep in the corner, but I put them there to fill the space.


Johnson Creek covered bridge.

I’m happy with both sketches, and plan to make color paintings from these compositions.