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sketching Nepton Road+Flemingsburg Junction

I’m trying to explore and sketch every road…today I was on Nepton Road, Flemingsburg Junction.
Folks in the country can be suspicious when they see a strange car pulled to the side of the road. One person stopped to make sure I wasn’t abandoning animals near their farm (because it happens). At a different location, someone else stopped to make sure i wasn’t trying to steal a cow (that happens too!). I came home (to my 2 dogs, 2 cats) without any new animals, but I did get 6 sketches. Here are 3 of my favorite.

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Road Trip – Animation

I’m interested in combining new and old media. It might take a minute for it to load, but here’s a sampling from a project I am working on:

I used computers to animate some of my traditional block prints. The finished piece will have interactive elements, including touch and sounds. What do you think?



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Everybody’s A Critic

I was sketching outside with my ipad, and a little bird pooped on my ipad:


I wiped it off with a leaf, and finished the sketch.


I have heard it is a good sign when a bird poops on you…i guess it was right, because the sketch came out great! I am looking forward to painting a large version on canvas.

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Wow! Did I do that?

A friend shared this photo of one of my charcoal drawings of the Ohio River From Ripley, Ohio after having it framed at Leslie Spetz’s Gallery. It looks so wonderful, I wanted to share it with you all.
I am used to seeing my work in my studio or at a gallery…it’s usually in one of my frames, surrounded by more of my work. I am learning that the art takes on it’s own life when a collector brings it into their home. It’s a cool fusion of both of our styles and tastes…i’ll bet it is going to look even more amazing in her home. I don’t always get to see the art after it leaves me, so has been a treat! Thanks Rebecca!