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I was wrong

Last month, I decided to only show 12 paintings at a time on my website. I was afraid that people were overwhelmed by too much art, and weren’t able to ‘see the forest through the trees’

Since making the change, I have received MANY requests to purchase prints that were not available on the website. So I will admit, I WAS WRONG-you all want more choices…until i come up with a better solution, I have put everything (except the kitchen sink) on my online gallery.

You can visit it here:

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printmaking at Winton Hills

Today, I volunteered to do a printmaking activity with the kids at the community center in Winton Hills. We took a walk through their community garden, and made prints from leaves we collected. I did not have permission to take pictures of the kids, but just close your eyes and imagine a room full of smiling children holding their artwork.


We had about 15 minutes left over, so we made stop-frame-animations using their prints…it might not be an academy award winning animation, but each child animated their artwork, and they learned about animation.

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Monotype printmaking In Berea

Last week, I was at the Kentucky Artisan Center at Berea to give a monotype printmaking demo.  I think I learned as much as the people who came to watch me. Whenever I explain my process, the act of teaching gives me a better insight on why I do the things I do.
Here’s a short illustration of the day:


And the finished artwork:
Thanks to the folks at the Artisan Center who are always working hard to promote Kentucky Artists. I had a great time!

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Chasing Windmills With Jim Lally

There is a possibility there might be a wind farm in May’s Lick, Mason County. My friend Jim Lally lives on a farm very close to the proposed wind farm, and has a lot of questions about what it would be like to live by a wind farm. We thought our perspective would be interesting because he is a poet/writer, and I am an artist, so I agreed to team up with him and spend a few days exploring wind farms.


I don’t have much experience using my art to explore complicated and controversial ideas, but I believe pushing my boundaries as an artist, so we packed up my artMobile and headed north for Van Wert, Ohio.


We’re spending a few days with their windmills, and talking to the residents who live with them every day. I have learned a lot so far, and expect to learn more as the project develops.


If you are interested in windmills, stay tuned, once we finish our research, our plan is to bring it all together in an artistic and educational way to share with everyone.

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13 years of Augusta Love

Exactly 13 years ago, I had my first art show in Augusta, KY. I was new to Kentucky, and wasn’t sure how I would fit in as an artist.

They were having a community festival, called the ‘Turning Of The Leaves Festival’, and the organizers offered me a a space beside “The Beehive Tavern”. That day, I met many of my best friends.

One friend I met that day was a woman named Bertha Hough, who had a Folk Art Shop in a little cabin on main street. She bought some of my pottery at that show, and continued to sell my artwork for years since. She was a constant source of inspiration and encouragement, and played a major role in my development as an artist. Recently, she has passed away, but I will always carry a piece of her in my heart.

I decided to celebrate my anniversary by visiting Augusta, and painting Bertha’s cabin.

I had a great time, and it was like a ‘family reunion’. I was not able to focus 100% on the painting, because I kept seeing old friends, and I would stop to catch up with them.

I did get to finish the painting!