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2012 in Review

Without a doubt, my biggest accomplishment of 2012 was the Makensie Hay-Youngman memorial at the Brooksville, KY library.  Shortly after her death, Makensie’s parents asked me to do something for her memorial.  I had a strong feeling that Makensie’s family and friends should have an active part in creating the artwork.

Making art has helped me feel better during difficult times, and I felt it might help them in a small way with their grief.   With my direction, over 20 people helped create the 4 large paintings.  Each panel represents a different season of the year, it is loaded with tidbits from Makensie’s life.  I am very proud of the finished artwork.  It was inspirational to see how I could share my talent to help others.

thanks Susan Naylor for the photo!
thanks Susan Naylor for the photo!

Speaking of sharing artwork, in 2012, i did a lot of teaching…A LOT!  I did quite a few workshops with adults(and children) at the Baker Hunt Art and Cultural Center In Covington.  I did a lot of volunteering with different summer camps, schools and community programs.  Here is a link to a video I made about one of my favorite activities:

If it doesn’t show up, here is a link to the video:

2012 was a big year for video and animation projects.  I went to school for information technology, and have really enjoyed mixing art and technology.  I have been working on a few different projects, but for the close of the year, I would like to share the first project of 2012…an animation collaboration with artist/singer, Leah Frederick:

If it doesn’t show up, here is a link to the video:

the cookbook
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this year, I collaborated with my neighbor, Claudia Moose.  Claudia is a gourmet cook, and we have worked together to combine some of her recipes with my photographs to make “Cooking With Bourbon”  100% of the proceeds from the book sales have been given toward art programs for the youth in our community.  The first edition has sold out…stay tuned, we hope to have more available soon!

the van
in 2012, I started to paint my van.  The idea was to add something new every time I take a trip, and it would become a moving, living work of art.   It is a work in progress.  My long term goal for the van is to make it an art studio on wheels.  I have been taking lots of small trips, learning how to make art while ‘out in the wild’.  The more I travel, the more excited I get about discovering this wonderful world.  My goal for 2013 is to master life on the road, and spend a good amount of time exploring and making art.

The Tiger Lily Press Calendar

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I was honored to be one of the artists chosen for the Tiger Lily Press’s 2013 calendar…i was July since that is my birth month!


I have enjoyed a great year of shows including:

Augusta Art Guild
City of Bellevue
Bluegrass Art Center
EAT Gallery
Kentucky Artisan Center in Berea
Leslie H. Spetz Custom Framing and Gallery
Hyde Park Square
Pendleton Art Center

thanks to the great hosts, and great collectors who let me make my living doing work I love.

So the final big event of 2012 (other than the flu) was a stroke of good fortune.  The Cincinnati Enquirer wrote an article encouraging people to buy local art for the holidays.  They visited Indigenous: a handcrafted gallery, and saw my latest painting.  They liked it so much, it was prominantly featured on the front page of the newspaper, AND on the front of the home and style section!  I ended the year with lots of business…enough to pay for a new transmission on my van!  Here is the now famous painting.  You can click the painting to buy a print from my website, or visit Indigenous in O’bryonville to get one in person.


Thanks again everybody for a great 2012…I’m going to keep working hard to make 2013 even bigger and better!  If you want occasional updates through the year, fill out the email subscription form at the top of this page OR friend me on the facebook