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Charcoal Drawing In Ripley, Ohio

Ripley,OH is not just a charming little river town, it was an important part of social progress in America.  In the 1800’s the town was famous for opposing slavery.  This was not popular back then, in fact, helping a slave escape was breaking the law.


I just love Ripley, and yesterday, I enjoyed the town while drawing in charcoal.

The first drawing is of the John Parker house.  It sits on the Ohio River, and is now a museum where you can learn more about his amazing life.

charcoal drawing of the John Parker House in Ripley, OH

John Parker House – Ripley, OH
8″x10″ Charcoal on Paper – $60 sold!



My second drawing is the view of the Ohio River from Rev. John Rankin’s house.  The house sits on a hill with a breathtaking view (as pictured in the photo above)  It is also a museum where you can learn more about Ripley’s hero.

charcoal drawing of the river view from the John Rankin house in Ripley, OH

View Of Ohio River- Ripley, OH
8″x10″ Charcoal on Paper – $60  sold


I have really enjoyed drawing in charcoal.  This classic medium has been used for hundreds of years.  It’s easy to carry around, but still allows the artist to develop complex ideas.

One last thing-

If you love Ripley like I do, you might be interested in this painting I made of John Parker:

The original has been sold, but click the painting above for information on how to buy a print (and help support the artist)