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Sunflower Sundries Video

Here’s a little video I put together highlighting some of the fun activities we did at Sunflower Sundries last week.  I wish I had more footage of the printmaking, berry picking, hiking and cooking, but it was an action packed couple of days, and it’s hard to print with kids, and make a film.

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Printmaking at Sunflower Sundries

For the last 2 years, artists and farmers have met at Sunflower Sundries to create a farm day for the children at Camp Discovery.

The children have a variety of farm based activities.  002.MOV.Still004
Many involve making their lunch DSC_0077 (1)
using things that grow on the farm. 
They pick berries, rhubarb and eggs.  
They also grind cornmeal and
make cornbread.

I volunteer to do a printmaking activity where I walk the children through the farm, 
we identify different types of leaves, 076
and then make 3 different kinds of prints using a press.

Mike Cowden from the Bluegrass Artisan Center helped with the printing.

Megann Thomas from Fantasia Farms also helped with the press.

Some serious hula hooping with Jennifer Gleason!

And playing with garden carts.

A nature hike and poetry activity with Jim Lally.

DSC_0054 (1)
And flower pressing with Sue Gorman.

I was too busy to photograph everything, but I promise, there were lots of smiling children (and grown ups)!


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Printmaking Collaboration with Radha


I just started a printmaking collaboration with Radha, one of my neighbors at the Pendleton Art Center.  She is one of my favorite printmakers, using many traditional patterns from her home in India.  Visit her website to see for yourself.


These monotypes are the beginning of our collaboration.


I have used elements from my prints for the monotype…when they dry, Radha will print on top of them, we will pass the artwork back and forth until the artwork is complete.


Stay tuned, I’ll share more prints as the project develops