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I’ve Been a Busy Printmaker

I have been involved with some fun printmaking projects.  Recently, I helped the Tiger Lily Press with a 4ftx4ft linoleum print.  You can see more about the project on this video.

Here’s a link to the video:

I have been busy at my press.  Here is one of my latest prints.  It is the view of Cincinnati’s skyline from Price Hill.



Tomorrow, Friday, I will be making Holiday themed prints at
Indigenous, a handcrafted gallery  from 12-8pm.

Sunday, November 20, I’ll be participating in an Art Sale at the
Baker Hunt Cultural Art Center from 11-4pm.

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Printmaking At Sunflower Sundries


Last month, I did a printmaking activity at Sunflower Sundries.  The farm hosted a ‘day at the farm’ for the kids at ‘Camp Discovery’.  Camp Discovery is a special summer camp program for Maysville’s youth. 


One objective for the different activities was to teach the children to enjoy nature.  They had a chance to pick berries and make jam, walk in the woods and write poetry.

camp discovery at sunflower sundries 003camp discovery at sunflower sundries 006

My activity was walking through the farm to look and learn about different leaves.  We picked a few leaves, then used the press to make 3 different types of prints.


If you plan an outdoor activity, it is probably going to rain.  It rained off and on the whole day at the farm.  We  picked leaves in the rain, then made prints in the farm’s shop. 


Rather than dampen our spirits, the weather was an exciting addition to the activity.  Nothing makes you feel like a kid, the way playing in the rain with a busload of children does.

camp discovery at sunflower sundries 001

Thank you Carol Marnell for the wonderful photographs!

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Local Produce + Bourbon + Photography

Lately, my neighbor Claudia Moose has been trying recipes for the Art Guild’s upcoming dinner/fundraiser.  This year’s theme is local produce with a taste of Kentucky Bourbon. 

The bourbon theme is in celebration of the restoration of the historic (1876) Pogue Distillery in Maysville, KY.

I had the good luck to help with the tasting while photographing the dishes.

019 (1)
Even those who do not understand visual art, will enjoy the culinary artistry of this event.

Bourbon Hummus
Dishes with fresh local produce

…and be sure to save room for dessert!
003023 (1)

I used the photography to make these designs for a postcard and poster to promote the event

Now that you are hungry, make a reservation with Claudia and help support the arts in our community!

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Painting Progress

The paintings still are not finished, but you can start to get an idea of the colors/design I am trying to achieve with my new oil paintings.001


For those interested in my online art class…the ‘real life class’ was yesterday.  I am putting the images and multi-media together and will have an online version available soon. 

The idea is that you will be able to participate in the activities from home, then you can share your pictures online and get feedback + encouragement.

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Beauty in nature


During twilight, I looked out my window and saw this little critter sitting in a field with the lightning bugs.  

Other than cropping the video, and a slight color correction (this was filmed in bad light)  there isn’t any digital manipulation.  The lightning bugs are real—so is the bunny!

Isn’t nature awesome?!

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Painting With Oil

I recently posted a series of plein air oil paintings from 2003-2005 on my website.  I forgot how much I enjoyed painting in oils.

You can see the old paintings here:

So I opened my paint box, and was welcomed by my colorful friends.

Oil painting can be a slow process, so I like to work on a few paintings at once.  Here are 2 paintings in the beginning stage.  It’s enough to get the basic idea.  If you think they look good now, just wait until I bring out the COLORS!!! 003
I love this one…goats raiding the garden!

Don’t forget, tomorrow, Wednesday July 6, I am giving a free art class in Old Washington, KY.  I’ll have an online version for those who want to participate from home.  You can get more details here:

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Canoe Trip With KY poet, Jim Lally

I took a canoe trip with my friend, Jim.  He was jotting notes in his book, while i took video snapshots.  At the end of the day, we compared our creative work, and decided to combine our talents into this short video. 

If I knew I was going to use the video clips to illustrate a poem, I would have gotten some different shots.  Since I couldn’t go back, I used what I had.   It was enough to share a peek at a beautiful morning.

narration by Jim Lally

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Good things come in 3s

Last night was final Friday at the Pendletonn art center, and what a great night! I was visited by some of my favorite people.


First, Dylan (my youngest collector to date) brought her parents, Mica and Greg.

Then, my friend (and gourmet cook) Debra brought a tomato + shrimp pasta for dinner. Thanks again!

Also, one of my favorite printmakers from the Tiger Lily Press, Susan Naylor came in for a visit.

There was a great crowd that night! Cincinnati really loves + supports the arts.

If you want to visit the studio, don’t forget, Today is Second Look Saturday from 11-3pm. It’s a good time to visit, since it’s not as overwhelming as Friday nights can be.

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Kids, Dinosaurs and T-Shirts

Last week, I had a fun screen printing T-Shirts with the kids at Ohio River Valley Artist Guild’s Art Camp.  I was too busy (and covered with ink) to take a photo of the kids with their creations.


Fortunately, one of my favorite photographers, Lorraine Marcella was at Art Camp while the children visited the dinosaurs at Kentucky Gateway Museum Center.

Thanks, Lorraine for letting me use your photo, see more of her photography at her website:

To see the making of the T-Shirts, visit my blog here:

and here:

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The factory work part of being an artist

For those who want to know how exciting and carefree the artist’s life can be: here’s what I did for the last 2 days:


Cutting matts and boards

cutting wood frames 005.MTS.Still001

taking measurements and using math

cutting wood frames 005.MTS.Still002

The weather has been really nice in Kentucky so I took some of my work outside.

cutting wood frames 002.MTS.Still001

sawing boards to make my picture frames

cutting wood frames 004.MTS.Still001

after that, I put the wood through this planer 4 times (once for each side)

cutting wood frames 001.MTS.Still001

It will take another full day of sawing, nailing and painting to get a finished picture frame. 

BikeRideToMaysLick 010.MTS.Still002

Don’t worry, I didn’t spend the whole 2 days doing factory work.

I took my union break for a bike ride.