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Printmaking At Sunflower Sundries


Last month, I did a printmaking activity at Sunflower Sundries.  The farm hosted a ‘day at the farm’ for the kids at ‘Camp Discovery’.  Camp Discovery is a special summer camp program for Maysville’s youth. 


One objective for the different activities was to teach the children to enjoy nature.  They had a chance to pick berries and make jam, walk in the woods and write poetry.

camp discovery at sunflower sundries 003camp discovery at sunflower sundries 006

My activity was walking through the farm to look and learn about different leaves.  We picked a few leaves, then used the press to make 3 different types of prints.


If you plan an outdoor activity, it is probably going to rain.  It rained off and on the whole day at the farm.  We  picked leaves in the rain, then made prints in the farm’s shop. 


Rather than dampen our spirits, the weather was an exciting addition to the activity.  Nothing makes you feel like a kid, the way playing in the rain with a busload of children does.

camp discovery at sunflower sundries 001

Thank you Carol Marnell for the wonderful photographs!