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Canoe Trip With KY poet, Jim Lally

I took a canoe trip with my friend, Jim.  He was jotting notes in his book, while i took video snapshots.  At the end of the day, we compared our creative work, and decided to combine our talents into this short video. 

If I knew I was going to use the video clips to illustrate a poem, I would have gotten some different shots.  Since I couldn’t go back, I used what I had.   It was enough to share a peek at a beautiful morning.

narration by Jim Lally

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Good things come in 3s

Last night was final Friday at the Pendletonn art center, and what a great night! I was visited by some of my favorite people.


First, Dylan (my youngest collector to date) brought her parents, Mica and Greg.

Then, my friend (and gourmet cook) Debra brought a tomato + shrimp pasta for dinner. Thanks again!

Also, one of my favorite printmakers from the Tiger Lily Press, Susan Naylor came in for a visit.

There was a great crowd that night! Cincinnati really loves + supports the arts.

If you want to visit the studio, don’t forget, Today is Second Look Saturday from 11-3pm. It’s a good time to visit, since it’s not as overwhelming as Friday nights can be.

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Kids, Dinosaurs and T-Shirts

Last week, I had a fun screen printing T-Shirts with the kids at Ohio River Valley Artist Guild’s Art Camp.  I was too busy (and covered with ink) to take a photo of the kids with their creations.


Fortunately, one of my favorite photographers, Lorraine Marcella was at Art Camp while the children visited the dinosaurs at Kentucky Gateway Museum Center.

Thanks, Lorraine for letting me use your photo, see more of her photography at her website:

To see the making of the T-Shirts, visit my blog here:

and here:

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The factory work part of being an artist

For those who want to know how exciting and carefree the artist’s life can be: here’s what I did for the last 2 days:


Cutting matts and boards

cutting wood frames 005.MTS.Still001

taking measurements and using math

cutting wood frames 005.MTS.Still002

The weather has been really nice in Kentucky so I took some of my work outside.

cutting wood frames 002.MTS.Still001

sawing boards to make my picture frames

cutting wood frames 004.MTS.Still001

after that, I put the wood through this planer 4 times (once for each side)

cutting wood frames 001.MTS.Still001

It will take another full day of sawing, nailing and painting to get a finished picture frame. 

BikeRideToMaysLick 010.MTS.Still002

Don’t worry, I didn’t spend the whole 2 days doing factory work.

I took my union break for a bike ride.

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From My Sketchbook

I was showing a few drawings from my sketchbook when a friend asked if I would sell two. 


After some thought, I said yes.   They are so small and adorable in their little matts; I wanted to show everyone.

Thanks Sara for the great idea!  (and supporting my work)

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Screen Printing with the kids at Art Camp


Today, I did a screen printing activity with the kids at Art Camp.


Everyone made their own stencils…some kids wrote their name, others made really cool designs, like: hearts, skulls and dinosaurs.


I did not get a chance to take many photos of the finished artwork, but here is the T shirt I did as a demonstration. 



A big thanks to Janie, Vicki, Nathan, Rachel, Donna, Ruvonna and (of course) Claudia for helping bring art programs to the kids.


Its not easy work, but important.Untitled_Panorama1

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Screen Print Activity tomorrow at Art Camp

Tomorrow is “Art Camp” at the Ohio River Valley Artist Guild.  I volunteered to do a screen printing activity with the kids.


To get the screen ready, I paint the design with a drawing fluid.


Once dry, I pour a blocking fluid across the top of the screen.


And use a card to squeegee the blocking fluid across the design.


The drawing fluid repels the blocking fluid (like oil and water)


After the block fluid dries, I wash the drawing fluid out with cold water


The stencil is complete and ready to print.


Everyone will create their own design with stencils: which will be placed on the easel part of the design,  then printed on their T-Shirt. 

In theory, it should be fun…wish me luck!