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I did it…a treadmill desk!

In January, I stopped sitting at my desk and converted it to standing.  I wrote about it here on my blog:

I’ve gone one step further, and put a treadmill under the desk. NOW I am WALKING while working.  The treadmill is set to 1 mile per hour.  I never break a sweat, and can feel my brain working better, since my circulation is better.  If I spend 8 hours at the desk, that’s 8 miles walked…I lost 5 pounds in a week! 


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New paintings/animations

I have been making animations from my paintings, and i wanted to share a few.

You can watch them in the video below:

If it doesn’t show up on your screen, you can see the video by following this link:

If you love the artwork, and support my work, they are available for a limited time below:

A Year Of Peace

8×10 print – $25

11X14" print – $45




8×10 print – $25

11X14" print – $45



Truck Ride

8×10" print -$25

11X14" print – $45



All prints are on Somerset Velvet Watercolor Paper using archival inks and signed by the artist.

Shipping is FREE to orders in the US.

"Beautiful" and "Truck Ride" contain a digital watermark which will not be visible on prints.

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Spring garden

I’m really happy with my spring garden so far!


Sweet peas, lettuce, spinach


Garlic and onions






Asparagus (will be ready to eat 2013)


My neighbor Holly stops by every day to help!


You know, tap water is bad for plants, so we are harvesting our rainwater.


Here’s our water storage system…anyone know where I can get a cheap 50 gallon plastic barrel?


I didn’t get a chance to photo the 64 tomato plants. They are puny right now.

This blog post was written and transmitted with my cell phone (while in the garden!)