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beats traffic…

I am trying to save money and get myself in better shape. The bicycle is a perfect solution. I’m not wasting my money on gas…or the gym!

Monday, I had a  meeting in Augusta (20 miles away), and the weather was in the high 40’s, so I packed my bags, and hit the road with a thermos of hot herbal tea and plenty of time to make the meeting…

While rolling up a hill, I made a mistake with my gears, and broke my chain.  I have a repair kit, but never had to fix a chain.  I wasn’t sure it went around the derailer, so I called my dad (a cycling maniac) who talked me through the process.

I ended up 5 minutes late for the meeting, but it was better than being stuck in traffic.

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Pulling The Plug

I’m returning my blinky little black box to the cable company today.
I am turning off the internet and cable at my house.  


That means:

  • No internet 24/7
  • Saving $60 month – goes toward my Sri Lanka 2012 fund
  • Better use of my time
  • No more video streaming

Check this out:


A few months ago, I installed a program called rescueTime on my computer to monitor my actions.  The graph above shows the amount of time spent on my 10 most frequently used programs this month.

I should be spending the majority of my time on Photoshop, Premiere, and AfterEffects.  Those are the programs I use for my art.  Sadly, it isn’t the case.

The program doesn’t record times when the computer goes ‘idle’.  So the graph doesn’t record the hours spent watching videos since the mouse doesn’t move.


This lifestyle change does not mean I am becoming a luddite.

I will still

  • have internet on my phone (Washington,KY does not have 3G)
  • use public wi-fi spots like the public/college library
  • blog regularly
  • make videos + other digital content
  • participate a little bit in my social networks

I want to be a person who CREATES CONTENT…but with high speed internet at my home, I have become addicted to CONSUMING CONTENT.

I predict this change will help me get my priorities back in order.

I don’t think everyone should be as drastic, but you might want to consider how you spend your time…just don’t stop visiting

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Country Fresh Goodness

Spring is here, and it’s time to put ‘Bessie’ back in the garden to protect the crops


She’s watching the garlic right now!bessie

My friend, Sue Gorman stopped by with some of her farm fresh eggs.sueWithEggs

…and the darling Darleys came over and took some of Sue’s nutritious eggs home.


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Someone Special Coming to My Studio…

I am happy to announce that my friend, artist and jeweler, Rob Weingartner will visit my studio this final Friday at the Pendleton Art Center.



Rob’s jewelry is a true work of art.  He cuts his own stones, and then crafts them into gorgeous one-of-a-kind designs with silver. 

He has been out of town all winter, and this will be the first chance to see his latest/greatest works.

come see both of us, Friday, March 25 at the Pendelton Art Center in Downtown Cincinnati, at my studio 400A (on the 4th floor) from 6-10pm.

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In The Studio Framing NEW PAINTINGS

I’ve been doing some painting in the studio, and it’s time to put them in frames before showing them to the public for the first time. 


If you didn’t know, I make my frames from scratch…they are handcrafted by the artist, just like the artwork they frame.


Here’s a sneak peek at one of the new paintings, if you want to see them, plan to visit my studio at the Pendleton Art Center (studio 400A)


FINAL FRIDAY – March 25- from 6-10pm
SECOND LOOK SATURDAY – March 26 from 11-3pm.


Also, don’t forget, I am giving a FREE printmaking workshop at the Ohio River Valley Artist Guild in Old Washington, Sunday the 13th of March from 2-4pm.