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Artist Of The Month–Barbara Ahlbrand

Last week, during final Friday at the Pendleton Art Center, my neighbor on the 4th floor, Barbara Ahlbrand was the ‘Artist Of The Month’. If you haven’t visited Barbara’s studio, you are missing a real treat. Her studio is a true artist studio with all original work (no digital reproductions). She is in her studio almost every day, and her space delights the senses with beautiful abstract paintings, accompanied by the smell of freshly used oil paints.


Many spaces at the Pendleton Art Center are used strictly as pristine showroom spaces, it’s a rare treat to have the opportunity to see an artist (in the wild) working in their studio. You can visit her website at

but it does not compare to seeing the work/artist in person. So next time you are at the Pendleton Art Center be sure and pay Barbara a visit.

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End Of An Era

I feel like I have lost one of my best friends.  The Beehive Tavern is closing.


It was more than just a place to go eat.  It was a cultural institution.  Musicians, writers, actors and artists all made it their home.  In the difficult times as a struggling artist, the Beehive was a place I could always find some work and a delicious hot meal.


Over the years, while working+visiting the Beehive, I learned  about history, music and art.  It played a major role in my development as an artist.


The Beehive will be open Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and then will be a collection of great memories.  I’ll be there all 4 days…


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Sketching In Cinci–Music Hall

Sequence 01.Still001

The heatwave is still on…with highs in the (((50s))) So I took a walk around the neighborhood.


I ended up in front of Music Hall, and thought it would be a fun challenge to sketch.


The building has a lot of intricate geometry to it…I got a pretty good sketch of the building while standing there.


One thing I love about the city; there is public art everywhere.


After sketching my view of Music Hall, I enjoyed this version by another artist.

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Skyline sketching

We are having a heatwave in Cincinnati, with high temperatures in the low 40s, so I thought I would get some fresh air and do some sketching.

A friend told me about a nice park that overlooks the city, I thought it would be a perfect spot.

I wasn’t prepared for the MONSTER panoramic view!

I tried to focus on one section of downtown, and am happy with the sketch…might look good in color!

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Collographs At The Tiger Lily Press

Friday at the Tiger Lily Press, I tried my first collograph.

To briefly summarize the technique, it is a collage on a plate, then put through a press.

Master Printmaker, Susan Naylor was there to show me how to do it…

We used a beautiful orange ink

Susan and Jay inspecting her test print…

mine had a few technical problems, but had some nice results too!

I returned to my studio, and made this tiny little sternwheeler collograph.

While enjoying a beautiful sunset view of the city!

Thanks again to the folks at the Tiger Lily Press.

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Animated Printer

screenprinterI wanted to make a loop animation of me making serigraphs. 

I have a whole new appreciation for the moving image.  Although it looks simple, this 15 second clip took an afternoon to create. 

I can still see where the animation ends/begins, but its not too bad.

How does it look on your device?  It’s a GIF image, and should be web friendly.