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Digital Sketching?!?

After my last post, a few folks wanted to know what digital sketching is. 


It’s like sketching with paper and pencil, but with a computer and graphics tablet.  It takes a little adjustment, but there are some benefits.

  • Paperless – easy to store
  • No ink,paint or pencils
  • erasing and ‘undo’-ing is easy to


There are a few trade offs.

  • No finished tangible product in the end
  • Electricity required
  • Requires training your hand-eye coordination


I draw in Photoshop.  It’s software that does much more than just photo editing.  You can use its brushes to create a sketch from scratch. 

Digital has a way to go before I stop using pencil and paper to draw, but it’s a great tool for sketching an idea out! 

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digital sketches

I read about a group of artists who challenged each other to draw 100 thumbnail sketches every month of the year.  It looks like a great way to flex your creative muscles.  You need to draw 3-4 quick sketches every day. 

So today, I sat at my desk and drew these three sketches:

9-13-10-dog on bike being chased by cats
Sketch 1 – Dog On Bike Being Chased By Cats

9-13-10 Acrobatic Cats On Bike
Sketch 2 – Acrobatic Cats On Bicycle

9-13-10 Vaulting
Sketch 3 – Standing On A Running Horse

I think all 3 would make great monotypes.  Maybe paintings too! 

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Weekend Wrap-Up

There were 2 great art events this weekend.

Mediterranean Dinner At the Ohio River Artist Guild

Friday night was the Ohio River Valley Artist Guild’s annual fundraising dinner.  Our theme this year was Mediterranean dinner using local farm fresh ingredients.


Dinner was delicious, we were introduced to some of the farmers who helped grow the food we cooked with.


I won an awesome painting by Charles Campbell at the auction.


Ohio River Valley Artist Guild hosted an outstanding auction and dinner.  We were so pleased with the support from our community. This is our most significant fundraiser and our primary means to continue operating.  Thanks to all of those that participated and we are looking forward to next year.

-Vicki Tichenor
Ohio River Valley Artist Guild

I loved seeing the Guild filled to capacity and everyone enjoying the food, the art and community spirit!
-Claudia Moose
Ohio River Valley Artist Guild

Thanks Bridget Case for the photo of me with camera!

click here to view more photos from the dinner

The Guild’s next activity will be a critique/meet-up where local artists show work inspired by a common theme.

6-pm September 29 – HORSES!

Art In The Park in Bellevue, KY



Bellevue’s Art in the Park is one of my favorite shows!  Bellevue is a charming small town, nestled in a big city.  They also nurture their artists with food, clothing and shelter.

  • The volunteers help you unload/load your work
  • They give you an awesome T-Shirt
  • Lunch/drinks
  • Free subscriptions to Artist Magazines
  • and they provide shelter for artists without a tent!

The show also features: performing arts with the Cincinnati Shakespeare Company, Culinary arts with food from local restaurants, and the Art Of The Written Word.

I was honored to have won First Place in Fine art…AND the People’s Choice award!


If you need a good reason to visit Bellevue’s hip shopping district, They have a First Friday Gallery Hop.  It’s from 6-9 on the first friday of each month.  I’m having a show at the FUSION gallery November 5th.  Mark your calendar!

Click here to view more photos from the art show


Whats Next?
Thanks everyone for coming out and supporting the arts!

Now, this weekend, come up to Old Washington, KY for their annual Simon Kenton Festival

I AM HAVING AN OPEN HOUSE at the same time!  from 1-6pm September 18-19.

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Framing In The Studio

It’s not the necessarily the most exciting part of being an artist, but for the next few days, I’ve been framing my art and prints.IMG_3839

However, the work looks great framed and on the wall.


Ok, no more playing with the camera and writing, I’ve got to get back to framing!

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Still Life At Ohio River Valley Artist Guild

The first Wednesday of the month, local artists meet at the Ohio River Valley Artist Guild for Still Life painting.

I worked in monotype, and brought enough supplies to share.  Here’s the artwork before going through the press.

Sue Gorman created a beautiful peacock in monotype.
Judith Foster painting.


Marilyn Lustik working in pastels.

Jennifer Gleason working in monotype.

Linda Kratzer, painting with a palette knife.

Guild director, Claudia Moose, setting up the still life.

My finished print.  I was interested in using strong line and black space. I’m very happy with it, and would like to do a series in this style.

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Hi Folks,

I just wanted to let you know that I am making some changes to my website.

Change can be good and bad.

I’m excited about a new approach to my work.  I am going to put more energy into my online presence, and treat it like an art project.

I appreciate everyone’s support so far, and
I would hate to lose touch with you because of a technical bug
so be aware I am making changes (and i can be accident prone!)

If you use a feed reader to keep up to date with my blog, you need to change the feed to:
otherwise you will only get an update twice a month.

If you receive these messages by email, you do not need to do anything.  You SHOULD continue to get about 2 messages every month.
If for some reason you start getting lots of email messages in your box (of if my messages stop coming).  Please send me an email, and I will fix the problem.

Please stay tuned over the next few weeks…I think you are going to like the new artwork!

Here’s a little sneak peek of something I am working on:

This October will be my 10 year anniversary as a Kentuckian.  To celebrate, I visited Bertha Hough, at The Folk Art Shop.  Bertha’s was the first shop to sell my artwork in Kentucky.  Her cozy log cabin is filled with wonderful handmade things!  I interviewed Bertha, and will share our delightful conversation very soon.   Notice the pot in her hand signed, Kenny Swinson 2000 (very rare!)

Also, don’t forget!

I’m having an open house at my studio at 1934 Old Main Street, Old Washington, KY. September 18-19 from 1-6pm.  This will be the first time the studio is open to the public.

Washington’s Simon Kenton Festival is the same weekend, so there will be lots to do!  for more information click here