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Critique At Ohio River Valley Artist Guild-HORSES


Every last Wednesday of the month, the Ohio River Valley Artist Guild meets for a critique.  We create artwork based around a theme…this month was HORSES.


I brought my latest monotypes. 

If you want to participate in October’s critique.  It will be in Augusta, KY hosted by the Augusta Art Guild, October 27 from 6pm-8pm.

October’s theme is DREAMS.

Here’s a few photos of the other artists and artwork at the critique.074020[4]089[3]084087081[3]098102022010011033016 (1)077027046058069

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DIY Framing…better than Made In China

I always took pride in using raw lumber from the local hardware store to make my picture frames, but never bragged about how I paint the frames.

That’s because I would use spray paint for the frames.  I know it is bad for my health and the environment, but it so cheap and easy, it’s hard to resist.


Well, those days are over.

Today, I switched to painting frames with a paintbrush.  Even though it takes more time, I think you will agree, It is a good change.  The brushstrokes in the paint compliment the hand crafted artwork inside the frame. 

So, after spending a DAY painting frames, I eagerly waiting for the frames to dry…

Little Grrrl likes the new method too!  She always ran from the spray paint. (because she is smart!)

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Weekend Ride

Over the weekend, my friends Joni and Scott stopped by the studio.  They brought an apple pie, and their friends, Betty and Randy.

They had a chance to watch my latest monotype go through the press.

I enjoy having a larger surface for my monotypes.
This monotype (titled Weekend Ride) is 16”x20”

I have been trying to write a blog post every day of the work week.  If you haven’t been keeping up on a daily basis, here are some links to things you might have missed.

Simon Kenton Festival In Old Washington

A new bigger press for my studio

my First White Line Linocut

Painting On Prints

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Painting on Prints

A frustrating part of printmaking is the element of surprise.  You never know what you are going to get until the paper is pulled from the plate.

002 (1)
Sometimes the linocut is perfect and ready to hang on the wall.

Other times, not so perfect…and it needs some help.

I used to think it was cheating to ‘touch up’ a print, until I saw some works by Degas.  He often enhanced his monotypes with paint and pastel.   The painting above is an example of his print/pastel technique.

Here’s my slightly flawed linocut – enhanced with acrylic, colored pencil and pastel.  It is now an amazing mixed media painting.

Talk about happy accidents!

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New Addition To The Studio–A Bigger Press!

I didn’t get a chance to post anything new on my blog yesterday, because I was driving to and from Bloomington, IN to pick up a new press.

The new press takes paper 20” wide.  I don’t have a pan large enough, so for now, I’m using my bathtub to soak the paper.


I’m not used to working so large; bigger monotypes force me to approach the artwork differently…I’m able to put much more detail into the work


Handling the plate and paper are a new challenge, but I think I’m going to like living large…


Once I figured out how to line the paper up and get it through the press, the print looks great! 


My first monotype on the new press.


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white line woodcuts

I ran into this video about white line woodcuts

This process is new to me, and I love to try new things…so now I’m eager to try it out. 

The process is from the 1930’s and inspired by the Arts and Crafts movement.  Popularized by the artists in at the art colony in Provincetown.

For one of my daily sketches, I created this digital drawing…to see how the design would look as a white line woodcut. 

9-18-10-white line river scene

I’m going to try and do it in woodcut sometime this week.  The process is labor intensive, but I think I will love the results…and it will be worth the effort!

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Ready For The Weekend?

Tomorrow (Saturday) is the start of the Simon Kenton Festival in Old Washington. 


I had my camera along while walking around Old Washington.



It’s a great time to visit the charming frontier village. 



I had a chance to take a few pictures of some re-enactors while they had dinner by the wood fire. 


They brought a team of Oxen along with a wagon.


I’ll be having an open house Saturday and Sunday from 1-6pm.  Stop by!  I’ll be happy to see you, and you’ll be glad you came!


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Printing At My Studio

Me with my press. 


Here’s my latest monotype.  I LOVE this one!!!


If you haven’t already made plans, come see my press and prints in person at my home/studio!  I’m having an open house from 1-6pm this Saturday and Sunday. Sept 18-19

WARNING:  just because the studio is open, that does not guarantee any kind of cleanliness