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For All You Love Birds

Here’s my latest block print, “Loving”.


These reduction woodcuts are a very special limited edition of 6.  The block is destroyed during the process, making it impossible to recreate the image.  The prints are designed to be the perfect Valentine’s Day card for  the one-of-a-kind sweetheart.  It folds to allow a personalized message, and includes a hand-made envelope for $60.


Here is a short video of the final cutting and printing of the block.

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I’m Moving!

Don’t worry, I’m not going far!   I have been given the opportunity to live in a 1790’s timber frame house in Old Washington’s Historic Village.   Don’t let the modern siding fool you, this house is one of the oldest in Maysville. 


The house is smaller than my current studio, so I am looking forward to simplifying my life, eliminating unnecessary clutter, and focusing on what is important to me…making great art. The house has a room with good north light, which will make a great studio!

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Monotype Madness!!!

I had a meet up with my friends to play with the press.  I only gave  4 days notice, and expected 5-6 people to show up.  We had a full house…i don’t know how many people came, but everyone had a lot of fun…especially me! 


During the meet up, I got to put a few antique etchings through the press.  The ink is permanent.  These are my hands after much scrubbing with acetone and soap and water!  I am eager to try etching…it’s a beautiful process.


These are my latest monotypes…loosely based on friends of mine.  I am interested in making pictures with people.  Instead of using models, I’m going to use my friends whenever I get a chance.



I posted more photos of the monotype meet up on facebook.  You can see them by following this link:

You don’t have to be on facebook to see the pictures, but if you are…add me as a friend (if you haven’t already!)

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Monotype Meet Up – Jan 13

I finally have my printing press up-and-running!  I am still learning how to use it, but would like to share the experience with my artist friends…so this Wednesday, (Jan 13) you are invited to join me for an afternoon of creating monotypes.  I’ll have everything you need to make a monotype, but you might want to bring your favorite brush and an idea or photo to work from…and don’t dress in your  Sunday best…it might be messy!Untitled-5

We’ll either meet at my downtown studio or the Art Guild’s Building  in Old Washington (depending on the number of participants) 

Let me know if you are interested so I can plan accordingly. 

I haven’t been able to hang out with my friends during the holidays, and this will be a fun way to catch up.  Untitled-1

Here’s a few pictures of my latest monotypes to give you an idea of the process.

Here’s a link to a great series of videos by the Smithsonian Institution demonstrating the process: