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Cycling Serigraph

I’ve been working on a few designs from april’s bike trip from Washington, Ky to Washington, DC. You can read about the trip here:

I thought it would be fun to do a reduction screen print!


Here’s the first layer


the second layer…

I’ve blocked out the screen, and it is ready for the third layer.  I’ll print it tomorrow after the block has plenty of time to dry.

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“Night Time Meeting”–My First Serigraph

Here’s my first Serigraph (screen) print, titled “Late Night Meeting”003 (1)
I start by painting with blue the area I want ink.

I paint red where I want to block the ink.

Wash the screen with cold water, and the blue dissolves, leaving the red as a stencil.

I mix my colors by hand…careful to make enough for all the prints…I don’t want to run out halfway through the printing!

The first layer is the lightest color – light blue.

After printing the first color, I block more of the existing stencil for the each layer of color.


Every time I change colors, the previous stencil is destroyed through the process.   There’s no turning back. If I ruin one, an edition of 12 becomes a edition of 11!

Here’s the second color…a sky blue.

Third layer, light brown013
Fourth color, turquoise

Final color, Midnight Blue!

Sequence 01.Still002
I haven’t mastered the art of lining up the different colors. (Remember, this is my first serigraph!)bluebird serigraph 014
so there is an offset to each print, making each one unique. all12
You can see detailed photos of the finished prints by clicking here.

I am selling them unframed for $60, signing and numbering them in the order they are sold.

So, if you want to be one of the first to pick one for your collection, do not wait!

Also, I’ll pay shipping to the U.S. for any purchases before 2011

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Hill City–Serigraph design

You know me…I always want to try something new.  After visiting the Tiger Lily Press, I was inspired by the talented artists working on screen prints. 


I am going to try one soon.  My plan is to paint the screen in a reduction technique, using one screen for all 4 colors (I know it’s a confusing description…I’ll make a video so you can see)

This is a rough sketch of what the print will look like.  The title is “Hill City”

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snow/sick days


This season, the flu got me…and now, here comes the snow. houseInSnow

Seems like the perfect time to do a little updating to my website.

Awhile back, I tried to simplify my website. I was afraid that my current work (printmaking) was being overshadowed by all my work from the past. 


I have heard a lot of complaints since then…apparently you don’t mind being overwhelmed with a lot of artwork.  So, I am restructuring my website’s gallery.  If you go to the ‘painting’ section, you will discover enough artwork to make your head spin. 

I still don’t have everything up, and I still need to organize the work, but you can get the idea…

Here’s a link to the new gallery

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Open House At The Tiger Lily Press

The tiger lily press recently had their annual open house.DSC03792
Susan Naylor with her incredible monotypes.

Judy DiMuzio gave a monotype demonstration


Jase Flannery and Bekka Sage, screen printing

Mary Provosty with her block print quilt prints.
Finished prints were on display and for sale

The Cincinnati book arts society


The woodcuts for the 2011 calender created by the artists at the Tiger Lily Press.  The calendar includes 14 beautiful woodcuts for $60, and the proceeds support a great organization.

Theresa Kuhr working the checkout
You can read more about the Tiger Lily Press here:

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Morehead Art Guild Annual Art Show

The Ohio River Valley Artist Guild was well represented at the Morehead Art Guild’s Annual Art Show.

I was not able to enter any work, but was there to give a monotype demonstration.


Betsy Baltzer won first place in Abstract painting AND first place in Fine Art Overall


Toby Fried won First and Second place in Sculpture…along with 2 honorable mentions


And Dana Sorrell won numerous awards (seven if my count is correct) including 1st Place in non-professional Photography Overall


I love living in a community with so much talent!