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5 Art Shows In 10 Days!

What was I thinking!  I overbooked myself…but I hate to miss a fun art show.  Sorry if I haven’t been up to date with my phone calls, email and website, but here is what I have been up to.

May 8, Show 1 –Maysville Art Walk, Tromp + Trolley

I was responsible for much of the organization for this show…and was busy for at least a solid month getting everything ready.  We did our best to organize the artists, market the show, and encourage people to come. 


Unfortunately, the weather was not on our side.  Promptly, when the show started at 5pm, the skies turned a dark grey, bringing a heavy downpour.  Regardless, the art loving public came out to enjoy a soaking wet evening of art.026

I was surprised how much work is involved in organizing an art show…and I have a whole new appreciation for the hard work that goes into these events.

May 9, Show 2 – Burlington Sidewalk Chalk Festival

I packed my art, and took it to Burlington, KY for their Sidewalk Chalk Festival the very next day.  I don’t have experience with chalk, but thought it would be fun…it was. 001
Instead of arriving with a plan of what I would draw, I arrived early to walk around Burlington and get a feel for the charming historical town.  I did a few sketches of its old federal buildings (including the Tousey House Tavern, on the left) and magnificent courthouse.  With the sketches as my guide, I blindly created my chalk painting.


Afterwards, I enjoyed an amazing dinner at the Tousey House Tavern with my wonderful hosts, Butch and Mary Ann Wainscott.  (Notice the fine artwork hanging behind me) 

May 10, Show 3 – Duveneck Art Show In Covington

The next day was the Duveneck Art show in Covington.  I was surprised by my good friends Greg+Mica Darley-Emerson who showed up early with breakfast.  153
It was a beautiful show, I was lucky to have setup with a riverside view.

May 16, Show 4 – Mayslick Asparagus Festival

I painted frantically in the night to finish my painting for Mayslick’s Asparagus Festival.  The festival has an indoor art show/competition inside a beautiful church, and then artists also have outdoor displays to accompany the “All Things Asparagus” festival.

AsparagusFestivalPanorama1  The rain was off and on, but nothing got damaged, and the food was awesome.  I had asparagus quiche, asparagus salad, asparagus cornbread, and an asparagus brownie for dessert.


It turns out I have a lot of friends in Mayslick!  My painting won the “People’s Choice Award”  in the Art contest.

May 17, Show 5 – Wyoming Art Show

My final show was the Wyoming Art Show.  Located in a vibrant community that love the arts…I was impressed with the organization for the show.  As an artist, it was a pleasure to participate.  The weather was perfect, and the attendance was great. 



The next day, I packed my kayak, and enjoyed a trip with Jim Lally and friends down the Elkhorn creek…a fast moving and exciting ride with great rapids and riffles.  After a few days rest, I took some time on my bicycle for sketching and sunshine.  It feels great to have some time to be an artist again.

Thank you to all the kind folks who organized, helped,participated and attended these fun shows.  Especially Mike Cowden, who is as crazy as me, and helped me setup/breakdown all 5 shows!  I owe you big time 🙂

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Let’s Play With Chalk

A great idea came out of the Ohio River Valley Artist Guild Blog.  We are going to create a chalk mural on the great blank canvas of a floodwall that is at the corner of WALL street and FRONT street. (next to my studio)  The event will take place on May 8th from 5-9pm as part of the Maysville Art Walk, Tromp+Trolley and all children between the ages of 1-100 are invited to participate!004

It will be a great opportunity for me to practice my chalk drawing skills, because the very next day in Burlington, KY, I will participate in the Burlington Sidewalk Chalk Festival.  I have no experience in chalk art, but my good friends Butch and Mary Ann at the Tousey House in Burlington offered me a meal at their wonderful restaurant.  I can’t sing for my supper, but I will gladly make a chalk drawing!  The event is Saturday, May 9th from 9am-6pm.  I have an ambitious idea, you will have to come and see how it turns out!whereIWouldRatherBeRightNow

I have been very busy getting ready for Friday’s art walk…along with other important projects.   I have not been making much art, and when I don’t make art, it’s like a psych patient not getting their medicine… So found some time to do a large drawing with charcoal and chalk on paper.  It’s titled “What I would Rather Be Doing”  I am very much in love with this painting.  When i finished it, I spent at least an hour gazing at it with a big grin. 

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Here’s Some Of What You Missed Last Week

I’m running behind on my updates…here’s some of what I was doing last week!

I took a handful of photographs of our local artists for the Tromp + Trolley website

Joe Brannen At His Workshop
Photographer, Tom Ross


Planted a tree for Earth Day

Attended a Kiln opening at the Artisan Center At Maple Creek, image
and sketched a “Kiln Opening” idea for a painting022
Stopped at at Bromwell’s in Cincinnati,to see my good friend Pam Wiseman’s Artwork.
And had my socks knocked off by the clay artwork of Tracey McClorey .

Then finished the evening catching up with the artists at the Pendleton Art Center.

I’m busy getting ready organizing our upcoming art show in Maysville, but hope to get everyone up to date with one more blog post, so stay tuned.

and, If your looking for a good opportunity support the arts and buy a Ken Swinson original on the cheap…follow this link

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A Special Offer


Hi all, it’s been a long winter, and good opportunities come from difficult times .

I usually keep my sketchbooks in tact, but I have torn a few pages from my book, and matted them to fit a 8"x10" frame.


I have signed the front and back of each Sketch

I want to sell them for $25 each (I will pay shipping)

If you are looking for a truly unique gift, or a little original work of art to add to your collection, this is a great opportunity for you.

View the sketches here:

First come, first served…so if you see something you want, send me an email or give me a phone call: 606.217.2106