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Grazing In August

Awhile back,  I sketched a family of cows in a field.  I rarely paint larger than 16X20, but I could tell it would become an epic painting, so I used a large canvas.

While visiting my studio, my good friends and neighbors from Augusta wanted to buy the painting.   I told them it was not finished, but they could buy it when it was done.GrazingInAutumn

Over the course of a year, their painting stood proudly on that easel.  I have ADD, but the real reason it took so long was that I wanted to keep the painting. It is so large and colorful, guests gravitated toward it. 

If you look at the hay bales, they turn into abstract squares as they fade into the distance.  This painting was the starting point for my recent “cubist” paintings.


Today, Jim and Deb came and took their painting to its true and rightful home.  The painting will be very happy because they live at Legends Farm, a farm that is a work of art.  Visit their website to see their gorgeous alpaca farm.  A few babies are due soon, and I am looking forward to paying them (and my painting) a visit soon!

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Pit Firing At Ann Legris Studio

I was invited to join a group of potters for a pit firing and dinner at Ann Legris studio in Mayslick.  She demonstrated her burnishing and firing technique, and we all had an opportunity to fire a piece with hers.
above is a short video of us bringing our pots out of the kiln.

Our Finished Pots
My little Bird in a nest pot.

Thanks Ann for a great St. Pat’s day!

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Kiln Opening At The Artisan Center

Yesterday, we met at the Artisan Center at Maple creek for the long-awaited Kiln opening.

The kiln was not to be opened until noon, but we could see some great pots through the top door of the kiln.

At noon, the door was opened

And it was like being reunited with long-lost friends!

We unloaded the kiln bucket-brigade style

I have never been in the company of so many beautiful pots.

The hard work was worth it…look at these happy potters!

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Wood Fire And Museum Auction

For the Kentucky Gateway Museum’s auction fundraiser, I painted the museum with Maysville’s other great landmarks in the background.  
I missed the auction, but heard the painting fetched a good price – thanks Andrew!

Saturday, I helped with the wood fire at the Artisan Center at Maple Creek.027
The kiln takes 30+ hours to reach its temperature, so work is divided into shifts.

The Artisan uses unused sticks from a drumstick factory to fuel the kiln.

High winds made it difficult to get a good draft.

It was hard work.

And good company

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February-Busier Than I Planned

Sorry I haven’t posted anything new for a while.  It’s not from a lack of activity.  I’ll try and quickly summarize the last 2 weeks.


Art From the Heart was a huge success.  The community came out, enjoyed the chocolate and champagne, and supported the arts.012

I paid a visit to Artcroft enjoyed a walk in the woods, wished Maureen a happy birthday, had dinner followed by a sneak peek at Jeff Hensley’s upcoming show “Black Barns” (April 5th 2-6pm at Artcroft)


Visited Sunflower Sundries for their annual “Winter Walk”. 


Enjoyed a walk around the farm, and food and company of fellow artists and writers and musicians.  (I am working on a painting inspired by the evening)

The next day, I attended Artcroft’s Kentucky Author series at the Neal Building in Carlisle, KY.  I enjoyed work read by the authors.

Mary Ann Taylor Hall


Artcroft Resident, Liz Mandrell

KY’s current poet laureate, Jane Gentry Vance

Over the last 2 weeks, I have been busy, but still had some free time to paint and look for new venues for my artwork.

I wish I had time to share more pictures and details about each of the past events.  I will try and write more regularly so I don’t have to cram so much information at next time. 

upcoming events: