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I Traded One Of My Paintings For A Picasso!

I was doing a framing job for a friend. She had a black leather portfolio to transport her unframed artwork. While going through the portfolio, she suggested I might get a kick out of seeing her signed Picasso Lithograph.

It was given as a gift back in the seventies by a family friend who had a gallery in NYC and represented Picasso for many years. The gift did not really fit her personal taste, so after spending a few years in the bathroom, it was removed from it’s frame and stored for safekeeping.

If you didn’t know, I am a fan of Picasso’s work, and was excited to see the lithograph. It was from his series “Le déjeuner sur l’herbe”.  In the 60’s, he  painted hundreds of different versions of Manet’s masterpiece.

While i was an artist-in-residence at artcroft earlier this year, I fondly remember going through their beautiful book about that series, and discussing the with a fellow resident.  The experience gave me a lot of insight on how an artist can develop an idea into a series.

Back in my studio, my friend suggested that she would trade the Lithograph for one of my paintings if I wanted, because she would rather have my work on her wall…what an ego boost!

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Virtual Studio Visit

I’m not getting out so much because I am very busy in my studio. I thought I would give you a chance to peek in my studio without having to endure my cold house.

here I am at my desk, working on a painting. I am getting ready to do a fundraiser for the Lexington Humane Society (see the events section of my site). This one is a cat sitting on a roof with 3 dogs running around the house, and there are doves in the sky…of course all the critters are playing and everyone is friends 😉

This is my framing table. I haven’t finished the framing, but you can get a little bit of an idea of how nice my latest paintings look framed with a matt. You can see them online at the gallery on my site, or if you prefer to seem them in real life: They will be on display for the first time at the Ohio River Valley Artist’s Guild Art Show During Frontier Christmas in Old Washington, December 6 and 7th.

If you are looking for an original painting to give as a gift this holiday season,
I have two shows hanging until the end of the year:
1 – at the FUSION gallery in Bellevue, KY
2 – at Banana Tree Studios in Flemingsburg, KY

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Art Show At The Banana Tree Studios

Last Night was another great show at the Banana Tree Studios in Flemingsburg, KY. There was a full house for most of the show. Thanks everyone for coming out and supporting our region’s outstanding artists.

If you missed the opening, the show will be on display until December 31st.

Banana Tree Studios
121 Electric Avenue
Flemingsburg, KY 41041
(606) 845-7408 or (606) 356-1356

Some pictures from the show…

Me, Ken Swinson with mixed media

Susan Doyle with one of her Portraits

Toby Fried With Wood Fired Pottery

Katherine Johnson with pastels and painting

Jean Jones with watercolor

Ken Macht with Raku Pottery

Kim McKissin with watercolors

Tom Ross with Photography

Dana Sorrell with her photography

Pam Wiseman with Pottery and fused Glass jewelry

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Art Show At The FUSION gallery

It was a busy show, and I am easily distracted, but I was able to take a few pictures to share with those who were not able to make it to my show at the FUSION gallery in Bellevue, Kentucky.

Fusion Gallery 1

The light was perfect for displaying artwork, but not as good for taking photographs, so sorry about the photo quality.

Fusion Gallery 2

I didn’t get a chance to photograph all the walls with my work, so if you are in the Cincinnati area, be sure to pay the gallery a visit. The show will be up for 2 months.

Fusion Gallery 3

Thanks to the gallery for hosting such a great show!  Thanks to the great folks who came out and supported my work.  It was good seeing so many good friends!

Fusion Folk

If Cincinnati is too long a drive, maybe Flemingsburg KY is closer. I will have work a the Banana Tree Studios for their show opening Friday, 14 November 5pm-8pm. It will feature photography by Tom Ross and some new work by me.

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