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Alpaca Day At Legends Farm

Visited my friends in Bracken County at Legends farm for Alpaca Day today.

I’ve missed seeing the beautiful Alpaca since moving to town.


I did some sketching of the Alpacas…I have a great inspiration for a new painting!

Deb gave a great class on felting.

cool antique tractors


local farmers had some of their harvest for sale,


what a good opportunity for grocery shopping


my hands were too full to do much picture taking, but it was such a nice event on a beautiful farm.  I’m looking forward to next year’s Alpaca Day.

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Maysville Art Walk

Thanks Everyone!

Artists, businesses, art enthusiasts, patrons…and especially the City of Maysville for being such a great host, and inviting us to participate in their Rosemary Festival weekend

I was able to get MOST of the artists, with the exception of Michael Gardner, Steve White and Ryan Case who weren’t available while I did my rounds.

Barb Clarke

Jennifer Gleason

Lainey Papageorge

Tom Ross

Susan White @ The Steve White Gallery

Betsy Baltzer

Sha-Reese Cunningham

Toby Fried

Brenda Flynn

Dana Sorrell

Pam Wiseman

Marylou Hazelbaker


backwards girl

Bridget Morris

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You Know Your Busy When…

I always heard that If you have a clean desk…then you probably have too much time on your hands, and you aren’t getting any work done.
You probably know that I booked 5 shows during the month of September, and have I ever been busy!
The evidence is on the 5 desks in my studio!
These pictures are the aftermath from preparing for the Mason Arts Festival. It was a great show! The weather was perfect, the show volunteers were very helpful, and many friendly folks came out to enjoy and support their local artists.
My only complaint was there was not enough time to really catch up with some friends I had not seen for a while.
It was such a busy show! Thanks everyone!

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Fresh Artist Featured on

A friend spotted me at work at Philip Groshong took this great photo during Fresh Art for The Enquirer

My next event is this Sunday (September 21st)at the Mason Arts Festival at the Mason Municipal center. Hope to see everyone there!

here’s a link to all my upcoming events

P.S. Jane, thanks for letting me know about Philip’s photo!

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Two Shows In 1 Day – What Was I Thinking?

Today, was Fresh Art. One of my favorite charities. Artists paint a painting in Covington’s Devou park, it is then auctioned to benefit the Behringer-Crawford museum. Home to the largest collection of Harlan Hubbard (one of my FAVORITE ky painters) paintings.


Today was also Belleview’s Art In The Park. A friend, Mike Cowden, offered to help me be in two places at once, so bright and early in the morning, I went to Devou Park to start my painting.


Then I drove to Bellevue, where I unloaded my work, and helped set up the tent, leaving Mike to setup the display and hang the art. Then I returned to the park to finish my painting.


I framed the painting, took it to the museum, then returned to Bellevue for Art In The Park. I had never participated in the show before, but was impressed with the hard work of the volunteers. Very few shows help you setup, hand out ice water (and it was a HOT) and make the artists feel welcome. I had great neighbors, Dana Sorrell, Pam Wiseman, and Toby Fried.


The show had a great crowd! It was nice to see some old friends, and make new ones. I won 2nd place for painting, and Toby Fried won 1st place in crafts. Congratulations, Toby!  If you missed me at the show.  Mark you calendar for November 7th.  I will be back in Bellevue at the FUSION gallery for a show (more details soon)

After a very long and hot day, even though I was completely worn out, I am glad that I did it. Both events were loads of fun. The Fresh Art painting was auctioned, but if you like the image, I’ll offer prints soon in my online gallery.

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Loveland Art Show 2008

Yesterday I participated in the Loveland Art Show in beautiful Loveland, OH. The day started with grey skies. When I tried to move my van, the battery was dead, so I had to beg for a jump while in the parking lot. The nice guy who jumped my van replied,”better to get the bad luck out of the way first thing of the day”…then it started raining.

The rain stopped, and the nice folks of Loveland came out to the Art show and supported the artists. I ran into quite a few old friends, and made many new ones. To top off the day, I was surprised with the First Place Award for painting!!! It was a shock, because the show had some very talented painters. This was a first for me, so I’ll show off my ribbon and try to be humble now that I have become an “award-winning” artist!

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New Website Structure

Howdy, I have been working on a new structure for my website for a few months, and I have learned that if you wait for the perfect website, nothing ever gets launched.

So with great pride, I want to introduce my new website:

Of course, it looks very plain right now. I haven’t styled the pages yet, but the structure of the site should be sound.

Suggestions are welcome, this is a work in progress.