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Maysville Church

Maysville Church

A multi-media painting of Maysville’s Landmark church in the downtown area on the Ohio River.

I have been getting a bit more abstract with my art. My goal is to present an everyday scene in a new way.

Hope you like it!

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Bribe/Contest Winner

Thanks Everyone for your kind comments on my website!!! During the week of my bribe/contest, there were 12 entries. Tony was randomly chosen to win my original sketch, I have contacted him, and will ship it tomorrow.

Please keep your eyes on my site. I am working on some new and exciting work that I will start to show very soon. I will also have another contest so there will be another chance to win something from my studio!

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A Bribe

a bribe
I’d like to hear more from you all, and thought a little bribery might work.

So here’s the deal:

  • I am going to give this beautiful sketch of Kentucky’s countryside to a randomly selected recipient.
  • All you have to do is leave a comment on my website sometime this week.  You can leave a comment anywhere on the site.
  • It doesn’t have to be a thought-provoking comment.  You can simply write, “I would like to win the sketch”
  • Names will only be entered once, so multiple comments, although appreciated, will not increase your chances of winning.

The contest will end and a winner will be chosen at noon on the 26th of July.

Good Luck!


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I was happy to receive a copy of Mark Pearce’s book of Poems in the mail. The book was compiled and Published for the July 20, 2008 Poetry Festival at Montserrat, Misouri, and features my painting along with the poem it inspired.

Reverend John Rankin’s

And after miles and miles
Of walking in ill-fit shoes,
Night after night
Night after night
At last there lay before us
A home of our own choosing.

-Mark Pearce

Click here for more information about Mark and the Poetry Festival

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Back from the East

I just got home after a trip back east. My youngest brother is home after serving a year in Iraq, and my second youngest brother just joined the Marines. Mom wanted her children together, so I crossed the Appalachian mountains to spend some long overdue time with my family. Unfortunately, Dad had to stay home in Georgia to help take care of my Grandparents.

My family:  Me, Carrie, Mom, Dave, Jon, Bucky (the large lapdog)
My family: Me, Carrie, Mom, Dave, Jon, Bucky (the large lapdog)

On the way back to Kentucky, I stopped by an old high school friend’s house to visit, and wish her and her husband good luck with their baby scheduled to arrive next month.
Larissa and Josh
Editorial Note: Larissa gave me permission to post her picture 8 months pregnant, in a bathing suit during the July heat.

It was nice seeing my family and friends. The trip east was a reminder that there are many many unfortunate folks who are not lucky like me and do not get to live in Kentucky. It’s good to be home!

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Art Opening at Banana Tree Studios

For those who missed the show opening at Banana Tree Studios, here are a couple of pictures:

me And Barb
Maysville artists, Barb Clarke and Ken Swinson in front of their work.

Flemingsburg Potters
The Flemingsburg Potters ( Toby Fried, Ken Macht, Dana Sorrell and Pam Wiseman)

For those art lovers who do not already have Flemingsburg on their places to visit list…add it right away! Flemingsburg’s art scene is on the up-and-up…and it a beautiful small town. You will think you are walking around in a postcard!

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Brand New Paintings!!! Come To Banana Tree Studios To See Them First!

I have been working hard in the studio, and have a series of brand new watercolor and oil paintings!

Here’s a little preview of the latest work:

A Peaceful Place-watercolor

trees At Dawn
Trees At Dawn-watercolor

Happy Neighborhood
Happy Neighborhood-oil

To see them first, come to the opening reception featuring my new paintings, along with watercolors by Barb Clarke, Photography by Rita Kent and Brent Michael, and ceramics by Pam Wiseman and Toby Fried at the Banana Tree Studios in Flemingsburg. The show is this Friday (July 11th) from 5:30-8:30.

If you have not been to Flemingsburg, it’s breathtaking scenery has attracted a recent a migration of artists. Be careful, you may decide to build a studio there!

Banana Tree Studios, 121 E. Electric Ave., Flemingsburg, KY


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Big South Fork


I spent an extended weekend backpacking at Big South Fork National Recreation Area.


It is one of the country’s best kept secrets, the park offers pristine hiking trails in a gorge-ous area where the New River and Cumberland rivers meet.


Over the years, the water has cut beautiful cliffs, caves and hills, allowing great views and shelter for weary hikers. The shelter was particularly appreciated, as we waited out a few thunderstorms while sleeping in a dry cave.


Unfortunately, I did not get much photography or painting done. It rained off and on the entire trip, and I spent most of the ‘dry’ time swimming in the river, enjoying breathtaking views of nature.


As you might suspect…where there is water, there are also bugs. I try not to use DEET, so now that I am home, I am suffering the consequences. I am covered head to toe with insect bites, since I wouldn’t put chemicals on my body, I am taking medicine to keep from scratching off my skin.

Was it worth it? Certainly! I had a great time…thanks Ron and Bruce for inviting me on the hike!