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World Bicycle Relief

Simple, sustainable transportation is an essential element in disaster assistance and poverty relief. Bicycles fulfill basic needs by providing access to healthcare, education and economic development. Bicycles empower individuals, their families, and their communities.

The mission of the World Bicycle Relief is to provide access to independence and livelihood through The Power of Bicycles.

When I heard about Mycle’s Cycles World Bicycle Relief Fundraising Ride, I was sorry that I had already planned a weeks hike/painting trip at Big South Fork. Michael Hart always sponsors BEAUTIFUL rides with great support. The ride is Saturday June 27th 9am to 1pm with a route FOR EVERYONE!! (ranging from 35.5 miles to 5 miles)


I wanted to participate in the event, so painted an oil on canvas, titled “peace, love, and bicycles”. The painting will be auctioned by Mycle’s Cycles and 100% of the proceeds will be donated to the World Bicycle Relief.

Bids will be taken until July 5th.
You can contact Mycle’s Cycles:


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Francisco’s Farm Arts Festival


This was my first time at The Francisco’s Farm Arts Festival. I have heard good things about the festival, and it did not disappoint. The festival is located on the beautiful campus of Midway College in Lexington. Midway is a charming little town located on the railroad tracks…mid-way between Lexington and Frankfort.  The folks in that neck of the woods very nice, they love art, and support artists.

After arriving, the volunteers were unbelievably helpful. They helped unload my van and carry my things to my setup. They cooked a delicious dinner for all the artists, and kept us fed through the day.  The college offered its dorm rooms for the artists to stay during the festival. I have never felt so welcome at an art show, and I understand why the festival has been ranked in the top 10 shows in American Style magazine.  It was so easy setting up, I had time to wander the town and paint the oil painting at the top of the page!

I saw many old friends, and made some new friends at the show.

A long-time friend/collector gifted me with this charming little bird who lives in an acorn. It sits at my desk, and reminds me of the great time I had at Midway. Thanks Paula!

There were many great artists at the show. My booth was next door to Barb Clarke, one of my best friends, and a great watercolor painter. On the other side, was John Sellberg, a Smithville potter.

If you don’t know, I love potters and pottery, and I am trying to replace all my dishes with hand crafted, American pottery. I bought a this set of John’s porcelain tumblers…they feel great in your hand. Visit my studio sometime, and i’ll fix you a drink in one!

The show was loaded with great art and artists…I’m sorry I didn’t get to take more pictures, but I did manage to get a snapshot of what I thought was one of the most impressive displays at the show. Photographer, Joan Schulte squeezed her entire display into her tiny little Volvo! Her space management was nothing short of magic. Hopefully, she will send a photo of her display at the festival, and you can see for yourself!

BTW, Maysville folk, you really should see her work…she did a great series of photos in our town. I am the proud owner of one!

Thanks to the hard working people at Francisco’s Farm for such a great weekend.

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Maysville Uncorked

I wasn’t sure what to expect at Maysville’s 4th Annual Wine and Art Festival, but WOW! What A Fun Show!!!

The Maysville Players bent over backwards to help setup. My tent was already setup, i had help unloading my truck. I got a little hot while setting up, and a volunteer brought me some cold water!


The crowd was great! I made some sales to some super nice folks, and also had the opportunity to meet some other local artists. Our community is rich with creative people.

This show has the potential to be one of my top art shows. It is set in beautiful downtown Maysville on Market street. The combination of wine and art is a perfect match (like peas and carrots!) With Peter Oprisko’s live music, and the delicious local foods, it was a treat for all the senses.

Now, I’m scrambling to rehang my work in the studio…the studio will be open to the public this Monday for the First Summer Downtown Gallery Hop. It is from 6pm-9pm.
Here’s the info:

  1. Ken Swinson
    120 W. Front Street
  2. Maysville Opera House
    116 W. Second Street
  3. EAT Gallery
    44 W. Second Street
  4. The White Gallery
    225 Market Street
  5. b clarke art
    221 Market Street

Hope to see you there!

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Maysville Uncorked-June 14th

There are half empty glasses of wine and bottles scattered around my studio…and not because I have been in party mode!

This Saturday, the city of Maysville is hosting “Uncorked” a wine and art festival on Market Street (around the corner from my studio).  It is from 4pm-11pm.  Come out and support our local artists.

In the meantime, you are welcome to stop by my studio and help empty a glass of wine…just give me a call to make sure I’m in the studio.

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Art In The Garden

Sorry I was such a bum didn’t have time to take photos of Augusta’s Art In The Garden.

Fortunately, Cassidy Dawn was at the outdoor art show, and took some GREAT photos. Visit her blog to see the photos.

photo courtesy of Cassidy Dawn

Thanks everyone for coming to the show.

Later that day, I attended the picture perfect wedding of Mica Darley to Greg Emerson. Exchanging vows on the Ohio River during a sunset was followed by a fun-filled evening of singing, dancing, eating and drinking.

The Wedding Couple

I’m sorry that I wasn’t able to get a better picture of the couple…there were many many people with the same idea!


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Getting it together

Sorry I haven’t posted anything new in the last week.

Still have some great photos/paintings from New York, but when I got back to my studio, I hit the ground running. This weekend is crazy busy!

Hope to see everyone at Art In The Garden and Greg and Mica’s wedding!