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New Plein Air Easel…a match made in heaven!!!

I have a great new easel by Artwork Essentials. It is lightweight, compact, and I can mount it on my bicycle. I like to paint with oils, but lugging all the necessary equipment can be a hassle.

I didn’t get out of the studio until late in the afternoon, so I rode my bike across the bridge to Aberdeen. The small village has a great view of Maysville, KY.

I only had a few hours before sunset, so I worked quickly, and came up with a reasonably good painting of the bridge and the downtown. I will have to put a few finishing touches on the painting when I get home.

I love working outside. On my way home, while crossing the bridge, I watched the sunset on the Ohio. A picture does not give it justice, but you can get the idea!
sun Setting On The Ohio

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Spring is here…I’m a Busy Bee

Next Friday (May 2nd 6pm-10pm), I am the featured artist at the FUSION gallery in Belleview. I have been working hard to paint and frame some new paintings for the exhibit. The Cincinnati’s Flying Pig Marathon is the same weekend, and my sister and her husband are coming to run the marathon with me…so I am also training for the marathon!

Yesterday, I visited Artcroft. I fired a kiln load of pots at the barn, and while waiting, painted the road that leads to the farm. What a beautiful day!artcroftTrail

Today while stretching canvas, I ran out of staples for my staple gun, and thought it would be interesting to use tacks. I imagine my favorite 19-20th century painters using tacks to stretch canvas, so I bought tacks at the hardware store. It is a lot more work than the convenient staple gun. But I think the tacks give the canvas a unique look. Too bad it will be hidden by the frame when finished!stretchingCanvas

Now I need to get some paint on these new canvases!

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Plein Air At Fox Field Farm

I heard that the peach trees at Fox Field Farm are in full bloom, so I packed up my sketch pad, camera and oil pastels.
The trees were beautiful, but the sky was gray, and it was very cool outside. I endured the cold long enough to take some photos, make some sketches and start an oil pastel painting.
painting At Fox Field Farm
Eventually my hands were too cold to hold the pastels, so I packed my gear…with plans to finish the details of the painting at the studio.

Bob and Anna Dale Pyles grow the best peaches in the area. If I didn’t see the trees for myself, I would swear they import the peaches from Georgia (yes, they are that good!)
Be sure to find them at the farmer’s market during Peach season (August)

I haven’t had a chance to finish the painting…once I returned to the studio, I looked in my office and remembered that taxes are due tomorrow!!! So I spent the rest of the day filling out forms.

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Paris Art Walk

I will be at the Paris Art Walk inside the Paris Antique Mall from 5pm-8pm.  Of course I am excited about displaying my own work, but I am MOST excited about getting an opportunity to see the Harlan Hubbard exhibit at the Hopewell Museum.

Harlan Hubbard is one of my all-time favorite painters.  I have seen his work here and there in public and private collections, but this show features 40 landscape paintings by the painter.

So, if I am not with my artwork, I am likely spending more time with Harlan’s paintings.

See you there!

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Great Show! Great Day Of Biking!

Thanks all for coming out to Maysville and celebrating my new art studio!!!

hanging Art

It was shoulder-to-shoulder for the whole time the studio was open to the public. Sorry I did not get a chance to take any pictures during the show.  Here are some pictures right before the opening.

in Studio

I was a little bit skeptical about having an event on a Monday, but the weather was on our side, and marketing with the museum’s opening…and with the other local galleries was a great idea!  The show was an enormous success.

Now I can get back to painting!

The day after the show, I took a bike ride from Maysville to Ripley, OH.

Spring is in full bloom, so I stopped along the way, and did some sketching and photography while cycling along the Ohio River.


I stopped by the John Parker House, and worked on a composition for a new painting.  I also did some sketching at Eagle Creek.

I rode through Higginsport, where Main Street was in bloom.

I cycled to the Augusta Ferry, where I crossed the river, and returned to my beloved Kentucky.  Then raced along the river back to Maysville…home sweet home.