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New Oil Pastel Paintings Featured On Etsy

I thought I would try offering a few of the little oil pastel paintings I have been working on Etsy.  It’s a great website that for buying and selling handmade things.  In addition to the usual detailed photos, I wanted the buyer to get a sense of scale…and a glimpse of how messy I keep my desk!


Cow In Yard

House On Hill

Just wanted everyone to know in case you are interested.


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New Small Oil Pastel Paintings

I have been painting very small oil pastel paintings. Having to cover a very small surface, I am able to work quickly. This exercise has allowed me to visualize my idea before I commit to a large, time comsuming painting. These exercises also give me small original paintings to offer for sale at hard-to-resist prices.

Please feel free to comment on which ones you think “work” and don’t.

little Lake
a little lake with a little riverfront real estate undeveloped.

two Houses On Hill
Little house on hill with outhouse in backyard.

cow On Hill
Small Oil Pastel painting of a cow enjoying the view from the top of a hill.

I was missing the warm weather when I could take my bike for a spin, and painted this small oil pastel

dog In Yard
little dog in the yard

two Boats-tiny
A very small oil pastel painting.

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Tiny Oil Pastels

Now that I am out of school, and must use my art to pay bills, I am getting serious about making art my daily grind. I am going to try and make a new habit of painting a small painting each morning before starting my daily work.

These tiny paintings are about 5 inches tall, and matted to fit an 8″ x 10″ frame. I think they will sell prety well at shows for a couple of bucks each. I want to offer a few on Etsy. I have just joined, and already sold one print, but this would be my first original painting to sell on Etsy.

For those who have some experience, which of these 4 do you think would be the best to put on Etsy?

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Clay Sculptures

Spent 1/2 the day working in the sculpture studio.  Thought I’d try and make an interactive presentation of them in their current state.  Roll mouse over the images to spin for a 360degree view.  Let me know if you run into any kinks.
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