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Richmond Marathon

The race results are not officially in, but me, mom, sister, and brother-in-law all finished. It was perfect race weather. Richmond offers great views on their course.

Mom is a wonderwoman! Around mile 10, she started passing people at a constant rate. She kept it up for about 8 miles. As she passed a number of younger, talented looking athletes, I thought to myself,

“That’s my mom!”

At the beginning of the marathon, she swore “This is my last one…” laying in bed at the hotel after the race, she looks at me and says, “ok, maybe one more”.

I hope I can keep up with her when i’m her age.

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Hike on Appalachian Trail

I am back after a 5 day hike on the Appalachian trail.

Time and weather limited my ability to paint much.

It rained the majority of the trek, and I wasn’t prepared for the physical strain involved when you must carry all your food and accomodations on your back.  In spite of less than perfect conditions, I had a great time!

I am already planning my next hike…maybe when I finish school, maybe I’ll spend a month or two on the Florida Trail?

I have some artwork to show, but in the meantime, here are some of my snapshots while on the trip.  You can see some more of my photos from my trip:
click here to go to my pictures on flickr

I’ll try and post more pictures, paintings and videos from the trip soon!


this is one of the wild ponies that live in the highlands along the Appalachian trail.  His back came to my chest.

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Ubuntu version 7.10

I am supposed to be catching up on my schoolwork so I can take a week off for a hike on the Appalachian Trail, but I couldn’t resist the download for the Ubuntu upgrade. It looks like every geek on the planet has the same idea, because the download is going VERY slow. I won’t get to play with it until I get back from the hike.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, Ubuntu is a popular version of Linux. It is a free, open source alternative to Windows and Mac OSX.

I must focus on SCHOOLWORK!


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Art Off Pike

Yesterday, I was at Art Off Pike, in Covington’s rapidly growing Arts District. The City of Covington has been actively tring to get artists to open studios and galleries in their historic neighborhood. I love Augusta kentucky too much to consider leaving, but there is a certain appeal when a city’s policy recognizes the value of having artists in their community. Very tempting…The organizers were very friendly, and there was a very fun and festive vibe throught the entire show. There were live bands, dancing and tasting of locally brewed wines in the streets of Covington.

Thanks to all the nice people who came out and supported the arts. It was a very nice show.

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Hyde Park Square Art Show

Despite the unseasonable 92degree weather, it was a busy and successful show.  Thank you everyone who endured the heat and supported my art.I’ve been working hard to fill the orders I took at the show…I will have them out on monday at the latest.

The success of Hyde Park has caused some problems.  I am participating in Art Off Pike in Covington, as well as having my art on display at the old winery in Augusta this Saturday.  I do not have nearly enough artwork.  I’ve been working around the clock to put everything together.

This is why it’s taken so long to write a post about the art show.

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plein air wednesday

I met Sue Gorman for another ‘Plein air wednesday’ at Aberdeen, OH’s river park.

The view of Maysville is impressive from the park.  I was feeling ambitious, and thought I’d try and tackle a 20″x30″ canvas.  I figured I would just use a bigger brush, and it would be the same as a sensible 11×14 or 16×20 canvas.

My arm got much more of a workout, but I wasn’t able to finish the painting…I stayed an extra 3 hours longer than our usual painting session.  However, the great size of the painting gives a great impression of a magnificant view!  I am finishing the painting in studio.

Sue left before I could photo her painting, but she did an excellent painting of the bridge in turquoise and oranges.  If she sends me a photo, I’ll post it…it’s very nice.

Then, after a swim at the YMCA, a storm rolled in, and I had to stop and take a picture of the dark sky contrasting with the autumn colors.


Sue sent me a copy of her beautiful painting for everyone to enjoy…thanks sue!

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A week flies by…

Sorry for not posting on the blog all week:

A week goes fast when you are keeping busy….or maybe I’m just getting old.

Last wednesday, I met Sue Gorman for plein air wednesday. We painted a covered bridge on North Pole road (it’s just outside Ripley, Ohio). A deer came close to the site where we were painting, but ran away as soon as I got my camera in focus.

I did, however, get some snapshots of a pair of artists in their natural environment!

School’s in full swing (week 6). It’s taking a lot of time I would really rather spend being an artist.

I went down to Augusta and painted Rosemary Clooney’s house.

I spent a day cutting wood into picture frames. I still have to putty and paint.

Monday, I drove to Flemmingsburg to paint and visit my friend and opera singer, Jessica Cain.

Tuesday was school for the first half of the day, followed by an afternoon of studio painting!

Hope you all had a great week!

Oh , I heard my painting for fresh art sold for $800 at the auction. It was a great painting, but I’m surprised (in a great way) it did so well!


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Plein Air In Augusta, KY

Sunday, I decided to drive down to Augusta and paint a house or something. The weather is perfect, and participating in “fresh Art” reminded me how much I enjoy plein air painting.

I planned to paint one of the historic homes that face the ohio river, but was surprised to see a giant sternwheeler docked at the river. I asked the captain how long the boat was going to stay, and when he said “a little over an hour”, I quickly setup my paint, and threw paint on the canvas.

With such a short time to work, I didn’t have much time to fuss over composition or details. I just painted in a rage…I knew my time to paint was limited, and I wanted to do as good as I could while the opportunity was there.

The finished product is not bad for a little over an hours work, but a valuable lesson was learned. Life is kindof like that…We all have limited time here on earth, and should try and have enthusiasm for our work and do as good as we can while the opportunity is here.


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Fresh Art 2007

I endured a whole day of blue skies, a light breeze and incredible view of Cincinnat’s skyline from Dree’s Pavilion to make my painting for the “Fresh Art” auction. What a hard life!

This painting turned out so good, I almost hate to let it go. I did get a good photo before turning it in, so I can make prints.

I hope it fetches a good price for the museum. I’m going to miss tonight’s auction, my car needs a little work before I am going to drive it long distances.

I have bad anxiety at social functions anyway!