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I love rock climbing!

Today, I am running chores in Cincinnati.

  •  Pick up framing supplies
  • Pick up printing supplies
  • Deliver Painting

The best part is that I am going to meet the painting’s owner at rockquest.  Where we are going to  climb fake rocks indoors!!!  This is one of my favorite things to do.  Unfortunatly, most of my friends aren’t interested in climbing, or it’s too far away, or they are too far away…and you can’t climb without a partner.  Can’t wait!



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I am an artist

Between school and personal stuff, I haven’t painted for a little over a week.  As soon as i smelled the turpentine, and started putting paint on the canvas, I was overcome with joy. I feel awkward in most situations.  It’s only while painting I feel in my element.  Why do I let so much time pass?

It’s kind of like running.  I am good at finding excuses not to do it, but once I get started, I wonder why I waited so long.



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Richmond Marathon

The race results are not officially in, but me, mom, sister, and brother-in-law all finished. It was perfect race weather. Richmond offers great views on their course.

Mom is a wonderwoman! Around mile 10, she started passing people at a constant rate. She kept it up for about 8 miles. As she passed a number of younger, talented looking athletes, I thought to myself,

“That’s my mom!”

At the beginning of the marathon, she swore “This is my last one…” laying in bed at the hotel after the race, she looks at me and says, “ok, maybe one more”.

I hope I can keep up with her when i’m her age.