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Hike on Appalachian Trail

Time and weather limited my ability to paint much.

It rained the majority of the trek, and I wasn’t prepared for the physical strain involved when you must carry all your food and accomodations on your back.  In spite of less than perfect conditions, I had a great time!

I am already planning my next hike…maybe when I finish school, maybe I’ll spend a month or two on the Florida Trail?

I have some artwork to show, but in the meantime, here are some of my snapshots while on the trip.  You can see some more of my photos from my trip:
click here to go to my pictures on flickr

I’ll try and post more pictures, paintings and videos from the trip soon!


this is one of the wild ponies that live in the highlands along the Appalachian trail.  His back came to my chest.

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Ubuntu version 7.10

I am supposed to be catching up on my schoolwork so I can take a week off for a hike on the Appalachian Trail, but I couldn’t resist the download for the Ubuntu upgrade. It looks like every geek on the planet has the same idea, because the download is going VERY slow. I won’t get to play with it until I get back from the hike.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, Ubuntu is a popular version of Linux. It is a free, open source alternative to Windows and Mac OSX.

I must focus on SCHOOLWORK!


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Art Off Pike

Yesterday, I was at Art Off Pike, in Covington’s rapidly growing Arts District. The City of Covington has been actively tring to get artists to open studios and galleries in their historic neighborhood. I love Augusta kentucky too much to consider leaving, but there is a certain appeal when a city’s policy recognizes the value of having artists in their community. Very tempting…The organizers were very friendly, and there was a very fun and festive vibe throught the entire show. There were live bands, dancing and tasting of locally brewed wines in the streets of Covington.

Thanks to all the nice people who came out and supported the arts. It was a very nice show.

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Hyde Park Square Art Show

Despite the unseasonable 92degree weather, it was a busy and successful show.  Thank you everyone who endured the heat and supported my art.I’ve been working hard to fill the orders I took at the show…I will have them out on monday at the latest.

The success of Hyde Park has caused some problems.  I am participating in Art Off Pike in Covington, as well as having my art on display at the old winery in Augusta this Saturday.  I do not have nearly enough artwork.  I’ve been working around the clock to put everything together.

This is why it’s taken so long to write a post about the art show.