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Spring Fever

Over the winter, I planned to use the ‘inside time’ to produce an abundance of work.
I was able to produce a series of paintings, but the cold weather and lack of sunshine
caused a mild depression which slowed down my motivation. I am grateful the winter
was not very severe this year.

Last month, I stayed warm at Homegrown Creations in Washington, DC.
to work on my indoor mural. I have finally gotten all of the walls covered with some paint. You
can see photos of the project by clicking here

I can’t wait to dethaw my pottery studio.
It is difficult to keep my studio from freezing
during the cold months. Water is abundant in clay work, and when water freezes, it will
ruin a project. (similar to the way freezing water can crack concrete) I am excited to
get back to work in clay.

I am also excited to return to plein air painting.
It has been too cold to paint outside. I miss the fresh air and excitement of landscape painting. I have some specific plein air
projects that I am eager to begin. I will let you know how they develop.

In the past, I have cheated myself of the joy of spring by running south for the winter.
Here in the Midwest, we are getting the first signs of spring. The trees have a red glow,
and the bulbs are rising from the ground. I am discovering a new energy that comes
with the season. I am taking on new projects and utilizing my time better.

I am starting to feel that the new year brings great possibilities.
Now, I just need to get started on my spring cleaning. I’d like to know how you spent your winter. Do you
have seasonal projects that you are starting/finishing? Leave a comment to tell us about
spring where you live.