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On The Road Again…at Last!

The weather forcast for Saturday was perfect, so I decided to take my paints for a bike ride. Mycle’s Cyles in Georgetown, OH was sponsoring 2 rides that day. A fast 30 mile ride, and then a slow and mellow 15 mile ride afterwords. Slow and mellow…that’s me!
On the way to Georgetown, I passed through Ripley, OH. Every Saturday, they have a farmer’market . This market is unique because the vendors are only allowed to sell things that they have been grown locally. I bought a couple of blueberry muffins, and a smoked cheddar cheese made from unpasteurized milk.

On the road to Georgetown, there was a beautiful spot with a field, a hill, and a few houses and barns in the distance. I stopped to paint the scene. Halfway through the painting, I was passed by the fast group of cyclists returning to Georgetown. Two cyclists stopped and talked some…then I hurried to finish the painting.


At Mycle’s Cycles, I joined Doug McKisson for the slow and mellow ride…a 18 mile loop outside Georgetown. Passing through some of the prettiest countryside I have ever seen. I will have to go back by myself sometime so I can stop and make a painting.


On the way home, I took a different road, Old 68. I stopped at a beautiful set of grey and white barns sitting on a hill with a long view of the country.


What a great day on a bicycle!!!