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March 8, 2018

Block Print Animations


I’m trying to get better at reduction block printing…a technique for making multi-colored prints, using one block. It forces me to think a little bit different about how I design and carve…which is good, but sometimes a little frustrating.

I’m also learning to make animations. I thought it would be cool to give motion to some of my most recent reduction block prints.



I really love mixing old with new technologies. What do you think?

March 6, 2018

Maysville Third Street – New Linocut

I live in a charming little river town-Maysville, Kentucky. It’s on the Ohio River-we have the river, bridge, and lots of historic buildings. That’s a lot of picture-perfect scenery to squeeze into my latest block print.

The print is a limited edition (im only printing 16). The  image is 4 1/2″x12″ on a sheet of 10×16″ cotton paper. If you’d like to have one for your collection, I am selling them for $60 unframed or $120 framed. I’ll pay the shipping to anywhere in the USA.

Framing Options

February 28, 2018

Cincinnati’s Music Hall – New Linocut!


I love Cincinnati and Music, so it was a matter of time before I got around to carving/printing Cincinnati’s recently renovated Music Hall. Like many Cincinnatians, I made wonderful memories in this building, and hope to have many more.

The print is a limited edition (im only printing 16). The  image is 4 1/2″x12″ on a sheet of 10×16″ cotton paper. If you’d like to have one for your collection, I am selling them for $60 unframed or $120 framed. I’ll pay the shipping to anywhere in the USA.

Framing Options

February 27, 2018

Make A Zine Meet Up – Olive Hill, KY – Love

Feb 22, 2018 was our 6th monthly Art Zine in Olive Hill, KY. Our theme was – LOVE. Here are the pages. Click any of the images to see the whole album (including all our hand painted covers).
You can download a printable PDF of the zine here:!AtHTtTOFjtUTowMHKIj8Gvf-9S_r

thanks everyone for participating! Our next ArtZine will be March 26 at the Public Library in Brooksville, KY.

Misty Skaggs


Melissa Barker


Ken Swinson


Deanna Dunaway


Doug and Peggy Noe


Chaney Jackson


Dorri Wallace

Nellie Middleton


Kay Schafer


Bonita Skaggs-Parsons


Jeremy D. Wells


Karen Agee





February 19, 2018

Love One Another

Every month, I visit a different small town and invite everyone to join me in making an art maga(zine). Our theme for February’s ‘zine’ is LOVE. For my entry, i designed/carved/printed this linocut.

Instead of creating an illustration about romantic love, I chose to explore the idea of ‘Love One Another’. Kindness is something I am trying to get better at, and this print has been my reminder. The magazine is printed with a laser copier, so, in the magazine, the ilustration will be black and white.

I printed these RED linocuts with my traditional press to raise $300 so I can buy more paper (yes, it’s really possible to spend that much on paper!) – The image is 8×5″ and printed on a 9×12″ cotton paper. You can support my work (and help me buy the paper I need) by purchasing one of these prints for $25- not only will you get a beautiful handmade linocut, but you will also be helping support my art supply/paper habit. For over 10 years, all of my income has come from art making, and your support. thank you for making it possible!

Love One Another – Linocut
$25 – Free shipping to the USA


UPDATE: Thanks to everyone’s generous support, I was able to order my paper. Also 2 new cans of ink. My heart is full. thanks everyone for your kindness.

February 15, 2018

The Mural at Olive Hill, Kentucky

We are just one week away from Art Zine – Olive Hill. Our theme for the February is ‘LOVE’.
I wanted to share something I discovered and LOVE about Olive Hill.

This 150 foot long mural is in the heart of Olive Hill. It’s on the main road, in front of the Old High School-now home to the Carter County Public Library and Center for Arts & Education. The mural was designed by Larry Carroll. As part of the Workforce Investment Act, through the Federal Department of Labor, the local youth were HIRED to paint the mural between 2002-2006.  Over time the mural has faded, but members of the community recently raised money and volunteers to restore the mural in front of the Art Center/Library.
I LOVE public art-especially when the community come together to take care of it–and when youth get paid real-life work experience working in art.

The Library is on the 3rd floor of this building, and you can get a better look at the mural when you visit Olive Hill for our monthly Art Zine activity, (more details about that here) but here’s a close up photo of the mural for those who can’t make it this time.

February 12, 2018

2 Color Linocuts – Animated

I love it when I get a chance to combine traditional printmaking with modern art tools. I am learning to sculpt, model and animate with a 3D program, called Blender. I thought it would be interesting to see if I could use the program to animate a 2D image (like one of my latest linocuts). Here are some examples:



I’ve learned a lot through these exercises, and think the animation gives you all a new way to experience printmaking. What do you think?


February 4, 2018

2 color printing

One of my goals in artmaking is to continually improve my craftsmanship. So far this year, I have put a lot of focus on printmaking. Until now, all my prints have used only one color.

I’m starting a series of Multi-Color prints. The process is similar to single color, except more factors to consider:

Color harmony, registration (alignment), drying times, etc.

I won’t say that every day has been fun or easy, but I love to challenge myself, the bunny below is one of my first multi-color test prints.

Here are a few more that I shared on my instagram last week.

January 16, 2018

Make A Zine meet Up – Morehead, KY – Passages


The Zine you are reading is a collaborative work by Artists from different small towns in Kentucky. We met on January 12, 2018 at the Rowan County Public Library in Morehead, KY, and created work around the theme:

Because of winter weather advisory and warnings, our turn out was smaller than normal. However, A brave group-most who lived close to Morehead-Were able to come. One of the best things about smaller groups, is that we had more time to get to know each other, and to hear everyone’s remarkable stories.. We all felt like it was well worth venturing out into the winter weather.

I met Alice Reynolds for the first time at this zine meet up. She is a music teacher from Morehead. At 91 years old (she gave me permission to share her age) she is still enjoying life and playing music. Many years ago, before the Morehead State University existed, Rowan County had what was called the “moonlight school’ It taught adults how to read and write at night. Alice’s father was a postman, and she remembers part of his job (in addition to delivering mail) was to read the mail to some of the people he delivered to, because everyone did not know how to read and write back then.

Kay Schafer, is an artist from Morehead, KY. Her poem about becoming a senior citizen captures her bright and positive personality. Kay was also a big help in organizing the ArtZine in Morehead. Thanks, Kay.

Melany Workman was the youngest of 11 children, and grew up in this 5 room house in Rowan county. She now owns and operates the Cave Run Manor in Morehead, and is a great caretaker for her residents.

Melissa Barker is an artist and teacher from Grahn, Ky. Her drawing is the first art she has made since the recent loss of her father. Because she has participtaed many times, we are going to visit Melissa’s neighborhood for February’s ArtZine. More details soon.

I have known Helen Chadwell for many years, the first time we met was while she was a volunteer for the Morhead Art Guild Art Show. More recently, she has visited my studio, and we have made prints together. Her drawing/poem is about the passages of life.


Ken Swinson wanted to illustrate the idea that we can overcome the obstacles we encounter in life…with a little help from our friends. Thanks everyone for being a part of my journey!

You can see an album, including all 12 of our hand painted covers on our ArtZine Facebook album below:

The Zine you are reading is a collaborative work by Artists from different small towns in Kentucky. We met on January…

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January 8, 2018

Block Print Gallery Update

I finished 2017 with a series of squirrel linocuts. The majority are dancing and playing musical instruments (because that’s what they do in my backyard).

I am printing with an oil-based ink, which dries extremely slow.  After drying for a few weeks, they are now ready to share on my website’s gallery. If you see one that would look good in your art collection, click the image for more information. You can also see my entire gallery of linocuts here:

This is my latest print-celebrating my Capricorn friends

visit my printmaking gallery and see more here: