The hotel website,, recently published an article titled, "The Best Small Towns in America", and guess who was number 4? Maysville, KY!!!

I'm really not that surprised. It is beautiful out here. We are on the Ohio river and there are a lot of our downtown's old time architecture is still in place. The neighborhood where I live, Old Washington, is one of Kentucky's first settlements.

The community is VERY supportive of the arts. Our local government,  groups and private individuals have all created and supported programs, organizations and incentives to make our area a vibrant place to live for everyone. I don't have family connections (like many of the residents) in Maysville, but I chose to live in this small town for the above reasons.

A small town fits my personality, and is a great place to work. There is inspiration direction I look.  To celebrate our recent acknowledgement, for a limited time, I created this gallery featuring some of the paintings I created with Maysville as the subject. Prints are available, click on any image for more information.

Kentucky Gateway
limestone Landing Twilight
Market And Third
Maysville With Sternwheeler
maysville from bank Street
Maysville At Night
Maysville Church
maysville Courthouse
paddleboat - river town
Sutton Hill - Maysville, KY
third Street river view-maysville, ky